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A rich, heavy silk or linen fabric with a pattern woven into it, used for table linen and upholstery.
  1. count noun 'silks and damasks'
  2. 'The slip seat retains its original leather covering and foundation upholstery underneath modern blue damask.'
  3. 'She described a line of furniture that included rich, ornately carved mahogany pieces and very crisp, tailored upholstery in silk and damask.'
  4. 'Each mattress takes four hours to make and only Jacquard woven damask from Belgium is used in the production.'
  5. 'For the most part, kids want something cool that their friends feel comfortable hanging out in and a silk damask couch is not it.'
  6. 'Silk weaving gave rise to an even greater range of products and styles than the weaving of cotton - brocades, damasks, gauzes, satins, etc., in endless variety.'
  7. 'The chair, with its handsome gilding, is covered in a crimson silk damask that is similar to the original.'
  8. 'Margaret wore a gown trimmed in crimson and the Countess of Surrey bore her train, while James was magnificent in white damask with crimson satin sleeves.'
  9. 'Of a similar date but prettier is a pair of Chinese-yellow damask shoes together with a matching robe altered to form a dressing gown.'
  10. 'So I dressed in a gown made of green damask and white silk.'
  11. 'Dusty pink flowered silk damask was twisted into an evening gown slashed at the sides to reveal little lozenges of flesh.'
  1. 'She is especially fond of gallicas, damasks and ramblers.'
  2. 'Dvoøák's Cello Concerto, performed alfresco in city parks, supported by a symphony of albas, gallicas, damasks, musks and, his favourite of all, Rosa primula, the incense rose.'
  1. 'Its blade is damask steel, while the scabbard is a dull gold with jewels of all colours.'
  2. 'A broken sword was equal to death on the battlefield, whereas the tougher damask steel with a harder steel inlay held up better to the demands of battle - technology prevailed over brute strength.'


Having the velvety pink or light red colour of a damask rose.
  1. 'The film has an interesting plot, but shame about the silly car chases and unconvincing escapes from death or even injury bar a delicate scratch on Johanssen's damask cheek.'


Decorate with or as if with a variegated pattern.
  1. 'Up, black, striped and damasked like the chasuble'


1. a reversible fabric of linen, silk, cotton, or wool, woven with patterns.

2. napery of this material.

3. Metallurgy. Also called damask steel. Damascus steel. the pattern or wavy appearance peculiar to the surface of such steel.

4. the pink color of the damask rose. adjective

5. made of or resembling damask: damask cloth.

6. of the pink color of the damask rose. verb (used with object)

7. to damascene.

8. to weave or adorn with elaborate design, as damask cloth.|

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"cloths can be damask."

"roses can be damask."

"napkins can be damask."

"tablecloths can be damask."

"jackets can be damask."

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Late Middle English: from Damaske, early form of the name of Damascus, where the fabric was first produced.