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Having the form of a curve; bent.
  1. 'A walk through the room with its low, curved stone ceiling leads to a passageway.'
  2. 'Access to the observation area is via a curved staircase only.'
  3. 'The seats also can be fully inclined to be virtually horizontal but with a curved shape that better moulds to the body contours.'
  4. 'Secluded, smaller scale "reading" rooms, containing curved benches, are sited within the garden periphery.'
  5. 'Given the upright but slightly curved posture of the rice leaves, this point was well exposed to prevailing light conditions.'
  6. 'The most intimidating part of the auditorium was its drop ceiling, a basket weave of 8,000 dissimilar, curved shapes.'
  7. 'The steering wheel chosen for the model is the flat curved spoke variety.'
  8. 'On his return he painstakingly reproduced the Wyoming plains on the curved walls of the diorama.'
  9. 'The flexible, permanent set consists of a curved wall, covered with a disturbingly lurid purple wallpaper whose pattern varies in scale from normal to absurdly large.'
  10. 'This force is active when wind is flowing around curved paths, and high or low pressure centers.'


1. a continuously bending line, without angles.

2. the act or extent of curving.

3. any curved outline, form, thing, or part.

4. a curved section of a road, path, hallway, etc.

5. Railroads. a curved section of track: in the U.S. the curve is often expressed as the central angle, measured in degrees, of a curved section of track subtended by a chord 100 feet (30 meters) long (degree of curve)

6. Also called curve ball, curveball. Baseball. a pitch delivered with a spin that causes the

More examples(as adjective)

"gouges can be curved along lengths."

"chisels can be curved along lengths."

"lines can be curved."

"spaces can be curved."

"surfaces can be curved."

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