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Deserving blame.
  1. 'If we believe that humans are morally culpable for sexual behavior then we must uphold that view.'
  2. 'Journalists who had followed the case from start to finish could not agree how culpable she was, how knowingly she lied.'
  3. 'How culpable are they, can they be held responsible and will they pay for their mistake?'
  4. 'We should record in particular that we have found no evidence of deliberate distortion or of culpable negligence.'
  5. 'Now if that is not a form of culpable negligence, then I do not know what is.'
  6. 'It will not please England, though, that two of his wickets, both front-line batsmen, were culpable.'
  7. 'Now many of us will agree that such a person is culpable and guilty.'
  8. 'Here, knowledge and intent or culpable negligence would seem to be required for criminal liability.'
  9. 'In this, of all ages, we should learn the lesson that to put only a fraction of the potentially culpable in the dock is to invite injustice.'
  10. 'In public he pleads culpable to his part in that shock result.'


1. deserving blame or censure; blameworthy.

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"places can be culpable in things."

"coaches can be culpable in things."

"scales can be culpable of murders."

"homicides can be culpable."

"people can be culpable."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘deserving punishment’): from Old French coupable, culpable, from Latin culpabilis, from culpare ‘to blame’, from culpa ‘fault, blame’.