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Hold close in one's arms as a way of showing love or affection.
  1. 'they were cuddling each other in the back seat'
  2. 'She's not an overtly affectionate cat and when she cuddles me in bed, I always feel loved.'
  3. 'The youngest, a girl, will be the most spoiled, for she will be the final baby and will be cuddled and loved.'
  4. 'Caressing, hugging, stroking, and cuddling all send a chain reaction of chemicals to signal your brain that this is pleasurable.'
  5. 'With that she pushes closer to me, cuddling her warm body against mine.'
  6. 'She should be cuddling her baby son right now or watching with fascination as he learns to walk and talk.'
  7. 'Later, he delighted guests by cuddling a robot baby that reacts happily to hugs and play, blinks its eyes and even cries like a real infant.'
  8. 'Despite what pet lovers may think, the giant lizards don't like to be cuddled, patted on the head or kissed.'
  9. 'The delighted new father cuddling his tiny baby cannot help but catch your attention.'
  10. 'A few weeks after her arrival she began to thrive because she actually had someone to cuddle her and love her now.'
  11. 'Haslam said he consensually kissed and cuddled a patient.'
  12. 'Rebecca cuddled up to Mum'
  13. 'Tyler turned his beautiful face to look over at Jane, who was not paying attention and turning the TV on, cuddling up with a pillow.'
  14. 'Quite oblivious to their presence was a pair of coyotes cuddled close together on the sand next to the cliff.'
  15. 'I just thought it was really cute that they would cuddle together like a happy little couple.'
  16. 'Nothing is cozier than cuddling up in front of a fire with some popcorn.'
  17. 'It was very warm indeed under the coats with the young elf cuddling up against him.'
  18. 'Diana was cuddling up with Braxton, who had first turned a nice shade of pink when Diana sat very close next to him.'
  19. 'James then hung up, smiling to himself as he cuddled up closer to Cheryl on the sofa.'
  20. 'Grace cuddled closer into his strong chest, and he held her tighter.'
  21. 'I laughed, cuddling up next to him, wishing every inch of me could be even closer.'
  22. 'Aimee mumbled to herself about getting a lock for her door and pulled the comforter to her bed, cuddling up under it so that she could get back to sleep.'
  23. 'they start cuddling up to the Liberals for support'
  24. 'Under pressure, and in an attempt to cuddle up to this group in an election year, this was added at the last minute with none of the usual debate or consultation.'
  25. 'He cuddled up to his colleagues, begging for approval - he was obsequious, smart, slippery.'
  26. 'But he lost because he is associated with the ‘pro-partnership’ agenda of working with the management and of cuddling up to New Labour over the war against Iraq and much else.'
  27. 'The major parties in Tasmania always cuddle up to big business.'
  28. 'Incompetent ministers cuddle up to their leaders, and lo and behold, they get back in on the list.'
  29. 'France cuddles up to Germany for decades on end, and rarely loses an opportunity to spite America.'
  30. 'Sam is famous for cuddling up to favoured hacks with a stream of tips.'
  31. 'I don't think the British Government will do this because the British Government are cuddling up to Sinn Fein.'
  32. 'The Mafia has never had problems about who is in power; it has always tried to cuddle up to those in charge because they are the ones who control the purse strings of public financing.'
  33. 'From the Russian perspective, cuddling up to Beijing has more to do with Russia's frosty relations with the West than the chill of the Russian winter.'


A prolonged and affectionate hug.
  1. 'When that time comes, I bundle her up, give her a cuddle & kiss, put her in her cot and her music on, and leave the room.'
  2. 'I gave her a big kiss and a cuddle and then started getting ready for work.'
  3. 'Actually, what she means is that she thinks I'm a sucker for a prolonged cuddle in my dozy state.'
  4. 'I want romance and companionship and TLC and hugs and cuddles and kisses and someone who thinks about me when they're not with me, and misses me when we're apart.'
  5. 'The revised plans for the block have been posted in an obscure place which only the people parking their cars for a quick kiss and a cuddle will see.'
  6. 'Be sure to pay tribute to your sweetheart with a kiss and a cuddle and a special treat.'
  7. 'He is a very affectionate little boy who loves lots of kisses and cuddles.'
  8. 'It's easy to change the mood and stance of a French bulldog; just picking it up will engender a cuddle and kiss.'
  9. 'After a round of warm cuddles with my son I can't help but hurt like hell when I read things like this.'
  10. 'She is inclined to wrap her flippers around their legs and give them an affectionate cuddle.'

More definitions

1. to hold close in an affectionate manner; hug tenderly; fondle. verb (used without object), cuddled, cuddling.

2. to lie close and snug; nestle.

3. to curl up in going to sleep. noun

4. act of cuddling; hug; embrace.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be cuddle to people."

"people can be cuddle."

"nurses can be cuddle."


Early 16th century (rare before the 18th century): of unknown origin.