Adjective "Crisp" Definition and Examples




    1. (especially of food) hard but easily breakable; brittle: crisp toast.

    2. (especially of food) firm and fresh; not soft or wilted: a crisp leaf of lettuce.

    3. brisk; sharp; clear; decided: a crisp reply.

    4. lively; pithy; sparkling: crisp repartee.

    5. clean-cut, neat, and well-pressed; well-groomed.

    6. bracing; invigorating: crisp air.

    7. crinkled, wrinkled, or rippled, as skin or water.

    8. in small, stiff, or firm curls; curly. verb (us


    "whichs can be crisp on outsides."

    "photographs can be crisp of places."

    "photographs can be crisp of people."

    "grasses can be crisp with frosts."

    "gills can be crisp with bloods."

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