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A group of people who work on and operate a ship, aircraft, etc.
  1. 'Currently, most trains are operated with two-person crews - the train operator and the conductor.'
  2. 'One member of the train crew was killed, and two nearby residents asphyxiated from breathing the gas.'
  3. 'Both members of the crew were killed instantly when the missile hit their aircraft.'
  4. 'The railway is operated by fully trained crews and is open all day Monday to Friday, running each hour from 10 am to 4 pm.'
  5. 'Paul, Val and the team will follow the progress of the ship's crew as they continue their Able Seaman training programme.'
  6. 'The latest hold-up involves a new office block for train operating companies, which will include facilities for train crews.'
  7. 'A sudden movement like that would have killed the crew of that ship immediately; no one could take that much momentum at one time!'
  8. 'The Norwegian ship and its crew did what all seamen would do: rescue others in need at sea.'
  9. 'A member of the train crew put out a call for medical assistance.'
  10. 'While arranging the charter, they had requested that people of certain ethnic and religious groups not be included in the crews operating this train.'
  11. 'the ship's captain and crew may be brought to trial'
  12. 'We thank the captains, officers and crew of the R.V L' Atalante and the Aguadomar and Caraval scientific teams for their efficient work at sea.'
  13. 'I have a tremendous amount of respect for the crew and the officers of the ship who managed to keep us all alive.'
  14. 'The Norwegian freighter has no doctor and only enough food and facilities for 27 officers and crew.'
  15. 'In all the years that I spent in the Navy, I never served with a crew and officers like Seaview's!'
  16. 'It was an honor to dine at the captain's table, and indeed all the officers and crew were exceptional.'
  17. 'Aboard were twenty naval officers, a crew of 200, and a scientific staff of five.'
  18. 'During the three-day stay in Southampton, officers and crew have been involved in a number of projects in the city.'
  19. 'Her officers and crew, visiting dignitaries, families and friends, toast her health.'
  20. 'All 118 officers and crew inside the submarine died when the pride of the Russian fleet sank after suffering a huge explosion in August last year.'
  21. 'The officers and crews had already been up for some time.'
  22. 'Can we list all of the great high school crew teams in Texas?'
  23. 'His one arena of success lay in rowing crew, setting the stage for a lifelong love of being on water.'
A group of people who work closely together.
  1. 'The Humberside police helicopter was put on standby as police, firefighters and ambulance crews attended the scene.'
  2. 'We invited the media, which was no less than four cameras and three of those news crews and associated media and journalists.'
  3. 'Pete Muckle, Stow fire station officer, said his crew was called to four incidents caused by the storm.'
  4. 'An incident support officer rushed to the scene, closely followed by a paramedic ambulance crew.'
  5. 'Firefighters and ambulance crews are subjected to attacks in the area.'
  6. 'And so when an officer or his crew makes a mistake of this magnitude or proportion, the end state is the same.'
  7. 'Camps located in nonurban settings must understand that rural ambulance and emergency crews may be volunteers.'
  8. 'The Bolton Mountain Rescue team and two ambulance crews went to help her.'
  9. 'Residents had called the police who, together with a NSW Ambulance rescue crew, mounted a search in the drain.'
  10. 'Emergency workers like firefighters, ambulance crews and nurses need to be fully protected.'
  11. 'a crew of assorted computer geeks'
  12. 'On Soundchambers, this crew of German abstractionists locks together to form a constantly shifting musical triangle.'
  13. 'Oddly enough, when most of my friends and relatives were rooting for Dorothy and her crew, I was on the side of the Witch.'
  14. 'I moved into a new place, started playing sports again, and I now have a totally great crew of close friends!'
  15. 'Sometimes, there are benefits to being the third banana in a middle-tier rap crew.'
  16. 'Scutt follows a crew of Melbourne graffiti artists around for one night.'
  17. 'The Invisible Spies crew was too busy beatboxing and tagging overpasses to bother picking up any post-'92 hip hop from across the pond.'
  18. 'The usual Jamdown production crew attempt to make hip-hop beats and fail miserably.'
  19. 'Roll Deep were Dizzee Rascal's original crew, and musos and critics seem desperate to love them.'
  20. 'In some areas if you don't have some sort of a connection to the local gang or crew, you can't tag there, unless they aren't looking.'
  21. 'The urban improvisations of the Stomp crew are set against the rhythms and simple instruments of the tribes of five continents, from Brazil to Botswana.'
  22. 'We had emails from all over the UK to come and interview crews and artists.'
  23. 'Winners of the ECMA for Alternative Group of the Year, this crew performed following King Konqueror's set.'
  24. 'I think the real problem is that these crews are performing together for the first time in the playoffs.'


Provide (a craft or vehicle) with a group of people to operate it.
  1. 'His brother Robin, 33, crewed the boat at the last minute and left a pregnant wife to grieve and to bring up a child who will never know his father.'
  2. 'And he says it's a classic example of why only Australian-owned and crewed ships should be allowed in Australian waters.'
  3. 'Once Jenna and Allison had sat down she said, ‘As you know this ship is primarily crewed by the engineering staff, rather than military crew.’'
  4. 'Earlier, an attack on an oil tanker rammed by two explosive-laden boats left five sailors and the attackers crewing the boats dead.'
  5. 'Meanwhile, the only crewed space vehicle in development by the US is the CEV - the Crewed Exploration Vehicle.'
  6. 'The staff that crewed the vehicles worked for six weeks, on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, before they got a week off.'
  7. 'This may mean temporarily moving personnel or vehicles to fire stations that are unable to crew vehicles for various reasons, including sickness.'
  8. 'The purpose-built yacht is crewed by four to five professional sailors, out of whom only the skipper is paid a salary.'
  9. 'Partially disabled, his craft is captured by a huge, whale-like space vessel crewed by a handful of rather unfriendly aliens.'
  10. 'It is one thing to buy 105 vehicles at a cost of $750 million, but it is another thing when we do not actually have the people to crew those vehicles.'
  11. 'I've never crewed for a world-famous yachtsman before'
  12. 'Roped in to crew for an older friend, they fed me cider until I wobbled.'
  13. 'Won 470 class at U.S. Olympic trials crewing for Katie McDowell.'
  14. 'Earnhardt compares the chemistry to what he developed with Kirk Shelmerdine, who crewed for four of Earnhardt's championship seasons.'
  15. 'Still, Warthen, who also crewed for the Real World season set in Seattle, and Kunitz agree this is the most open cast of any previous episodes.'
  16. 'Offspring also crewed with Claude Theiler, Chris Goedhart, Andrew Dove from Guadeloupe and Pedro Jonker from St. Maarten.'
  17. 'Noyes, 47, crewed for Krause from 1983 to 1993 and didn't begin driving until 1994.'
  18. 'She had been sold as a slave, and told me she had been crewing as a cabin boy for half a year.'
  19. 'So he backpacked across New Zealand, then crewed on a sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico.'
  20. 'For two years I had to crew as a deckhand on a trawler so we could keep the business going.'

    More definitions

    1. a group of persons involved in a particular kind of work or working together: the crew of a train; a wrecking crew.

    2. Nautical. the people who sail or operate a ship or boat. the common sailors of a ship's company. a particular gang of a ship's company.

    3. the people who fly or operate an aircraft or spacecraft.

    4. the team that rows a racing shell: varsity crew.

    5. the sport of racing with racing shells: He went out for crew in his freshman year.

    6. a company; crowd: He

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    "lines can be crew."

    "details can be crew."


    (crew)Late Middle English: from Old French creue ‘augmentation, increase’, feminine past participle of croistre ‘grow’, from Latin crescere. The original sense was ‘band of soldiers serving as reinforcements’; hence it came to denote any organized armed band or, generally, a company of people (late 16th century).