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Showing no intelligence or sensitivity.
  1. 'an act of crass stupidity'
  2. 'For them, the West was crass, materialistic and, of course, morally rotten.'
  3. 'To ignore such an evident flowering of talent and achievement is not only crass stupidity but a wasted opportunity.'
  4. 'It seems staggeringly crass and inappropriate, but I understand his need to record this terrible scene.'
  5. 'To state baldly that it's purely between the woman and her doctor is crass and simplistic at the very least.'
  6. 'Yet I am not advocating a crass rationalism in which reverence, empathy and love have no place.'
  7. 'Communal forces thrive on the crass ignorance of the masses concerning the essentials of their faith.'
  8. 'It's just a maelstrom of shrieking children, crass commercialism, and ratcheting credit card debt.'
  9. 'It was a mindless and moronic act of political naivete and crass immaturity.'
  10. 'Over the next decade, the crass stupidity of the words must have haunted them.'
  11. 'What I am saying is no one, absolutely no one, should have to put up with crass disrespect.'


1. without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse; stupid: crass commercialism; a crass misrepresentation of the facts.

2. Archaic. thick; coarse.

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"people can be crass with classes."

"stupidities can be crass."

"people can be crass."

"materialisms can be crass."

"insensitivities can be crass."

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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘dense or coarse’): from Latin crassus ‘solid, thick’.