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A crustacean, found chiefly on seashores, with a broad carapace, stalked eyes, and five pairs of legs, the first pair of which are modified as pincers.
  1. 'Will I be able to catch the mud crab?'
  2. 'Large edible crabs are everywhere, mainly females that are here to spawn.'
  3. 'A large red crab scuttled across the metal, hoping to avoid the snapper.'
  4. 'Eastern populations eat numerous horseshoe crabs during migration.'
  5. 'We attributed the effect of predator exclusion primarily to juvenile green crabs and fish.'
  6. 'Fishers in New Brunswick will disobey restrictions on crab fishing this spring.'
  7. 'There really is something very unbecoming about grown men chasing crabs on beaches alone.'
  8. 'Male horseshoe crabs have two mating tactics that are associated with phenotype.'
  9. 'Scientists found male fiddler crabs often aid their neighbors when intruders threaten to move in.'
  10. 'In fact, more tasty blue crabs are caught and sold than any other Hudson River species.'
  11. 'It's a thin slice of veal with crab on top, topped with a sauce.'
  12. 'The salad included some very artificial crab.'
  13. 'We also don't know anyone who eats crab and watermelon together.'
  14. 'Special occasions call for a gumbo and vegetable soup with crab or salted meat (calalou).'
  15. 'The meats consisted of soft shelled crab covered in spices, tender roast beef and chicken.'
  16. 'Sarah chose the east coast crab with dill and mustard sauce, while I opted for the seared pigeon breasts.'
  17. 'Start your evening with assorted cold meats, crab, and jasmine smoked chicken.'
  18. 'From Cornish Blue shark steaks to Scarborough fresh-dressed crab, the range of fish is bewildering and the quality peerless.'
  19. 'Place the ring mould on top and fill about a third with dressed crab.'
  20. 'Clean spanner crabs and break crab into portions.'
A louse that infests human body hair, especially in the genital region, causing extreme irritation.
  1. 'One way to test that possibility will be to look at the other species of lice that live on humans - crabs, or Pthirus pubis.'
  2. 'People can be infested with three types of lice: body lice, head lice and crab or pubic lice.'
  3. 'Pubic lice or crabs are unpleasant, but once diagnosed are thankfully easily treated.'
  4. 'And in no other job will I catch crabs from innocently sitting in the staff lounge on an extremely festy couch… mmm.'
  5. 'Commonly called crabs, these lice occur on the skin and hair of your pubic areas and on eyelashes.'
  6. 'So I get pregnant and get the crabs to boot.'
  7. 'Three weeks later, he had a healthy dose of crabs.'
A machine with pincer-like arms for lifting heavy weights.


    Move sideways or obliquely.
    1. 'Their forwards were absolutely dominant, crabbing down the pitch, albeit at a tortuously slow rate.'
    2. 'This old car has had a decent hit on the right rear quarter and crabs its way down the road.'
    3. 'We set out to stage 6 with a car that was crabbing badly.'
    4. 'I'd had enough and leveled off, because the winds were causing us to crab significantly.'
    5. 'They crabbed their way down the pitch before No.8 forced his way over for the winning try.'
    6. 'George crabbed the plane into the wind'
    7. 'I had to crab north and east to stay near the north road and to keep from being blown into the desert to the west.'
    Fish for crabs.
    1. 'They used to go duck hunting and crabbing and fishing and that's how they survived and raised all the family.'
    2. 'When they come to the door, you're gonna ask them to come crabbing with us.'
    3. 'She went crabbing and stayed cheerful even though the catch came to a grand total of one crab.'
    4. 'We spent many happy days fishing and crabbing there.'
    5. 'When I asked him what he liked most about crabbing, his short response said it all, ‘the freedom.’'
    6. 'Virginia refused to comply with its quota, and now faces a complete ban on horseshoe crabbing.'
    7. 'We went fishing, crabbing, and looked for the occasional pigeon and bat.'
    8. 'North Korea emphasizes the importance of crabbing to bring in much-needed foreign currency.'
    9. 'In 2001, the Texas Legislature approved a bill creating the first brief closed season for crabbing in Texas waters.'
    10. 'I know the area well, having fished and crabbed their for many years.'


    Grumble about something petty.
    1. 'I had everything under control until you started crabbing about which books you hadn't read.'
    2. 'The President crabbed about the leak in his Monday press conference.'
    3. 'Yes, usually we crab when a strike puts us out.'
    4. 'I knew she was catching up on day's worth of missed sleep, so I didn't blame her for crabbing at me.'
    5. 'I'm going to finish this little pity party and get all my crabbing out at once.'
    Act so as to spoil (something)

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      1. any decapod crustacean of the suborder Brachyura, having the eyes on short stalks and a short, broad, more or less flattened body, the abdomen being small and folded under the thorax.

      2. any of various other crustaceans, as the hermit crab, or other animals, as the horseshoe crab, resembling the true crabs.

      3. (initial capital letter) Astronomy, Astrology. the zodiacal constellation or sign Cancer.

      4. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the Crab Nebula.

      5. any of various mechanical

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      "louses can be crab."


      (crab)Late 16th century (referring to hawks, meaning ‘claw or fight each other’): from Low German krabben; related to crab.


      catch a crab
      draw the crabs