Adjective "couth" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Cultured, refined, and well mannered.
  1. 'Left alone, she is exposed to assorted rather too colorful locals: hulks and half-wits, telephone romancers and spurious cops, none of them couth.'
  2. 'All perfectly couth and prosperous, not a blade of grass out of place, but unbelievably boring.'
  3. 'Frankly, I hope that the female contestants are a bit more couth about their competitiveness than we were, Matt.'
  4. 'Men are also a lot less couth than women in public.'


Good manners; refinement.
  1. 'Voters who are either female or old or both overwhelmingly feel that the lad lacks couth.'
  2. 'She accepted the cup gratefully and without a hint of couth she gulped down the sparkling liquid as if it was water from the Fountain of Youth and she was on her deathbed.'
  3. 'You have more couth, more tolerance and more intelligence.'
  4. 'It shows whose mouth is without couth and perspective.'



1. showing or having good manners or sophistication; smooth: Sending her flowers would be a very couth thing to do. noun

2. good manners; refinement: to be lacking in couth.


(couth)Late 19th century: back-formation from uncouth.