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A lettuce of a variety with crisp narrow leaves that form a tall head.
  1. 'The cold entrées were Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad, with cos lettuce and croutons dressed with shaved Parmesan cheese, and Avocado, Pancetta and Stilton Salad on a bed of mixed leaves with baby spinach.'
  2. 'A cos will serve 8, an iceberg about 10 and a butter lettuce will serve 4,'
  3. 'To start there was a choice of sweetcorn and ginger soup, cos salad with Parmesan and garlic dressing or smoked haddock cakes with horseradish dressing.'
  4. 'Lettuces fall into three basic categories - cos, crisp head and loose leaf types.'
  5. 'To start I had the Greek salad of cos and oak leaf lettuce, red and yellow peppers, paper thin red onion slices, creamy feta cheese and a herb and mustard vinaigrette.'
  6. 'Dill pickles, a bit of cos lettuce, slithers of Parmesan - that's all you need.'

Pronunciation /kəz//kɒz/conjunction

  1. 'I didn't take it off while shopping, coz then I'd have to waste time wrestling back into it.'
  2. 'I'm not saying any more at the moment cos as my luck goes, I won't get it.'
  3. 'It's such a shame coz everything else I'm wearing is actually quite nice.'
  4. 'Just cos it was for charity doesn't mean he couldn't do it properly.'
  5. 'At lunch time I stand by myself in the playground cos none of the children will play with me and if I ask to play with them they say okay and then they ignore me.'
  6. 'I can only hope for his sake that he wasn't, coz some of the answers he gave were plain awful!'
  7. 'At the moment there's a backlash cos everyone's filming people arguing, spitting and cussing each other.'
  8. 'Edgar says its ridiculous cos how does one tell time with a watch face so small?'
  9. 'I needed to clear my name cos that's my livelihood, for myself and my fans.'
  10. 'He reckons I should be able to spot him easily cos he's very tall.'

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1. romaine.

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"mgrs can be cos."

"gains can be cos."

"varnishes can be cos."

"tos can be cos."

"services can be cos."

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(cos)Late 17th century: named after the Aegean island of Cos, where it originated.