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A thing made to be similar or identical to another.
  1. 'Someone had stolen ALL our furniture and left identical copies in the same spots.'
  2. 'Obviously, these are copies, fakes, pirate booty.'
  3. 'The control room was an identical copy - to the eighth of an inch - of the Sound Factory.'
  4. 'Wee Nit (the adorable) is an identical copy of her twin sister, Ying.'
  5. 'Why would Berger remove five identical copies of the same report, shred three of them with a pair of scissors, and return the other two to the archives?'
  6. 'There is one bookcase in the room, its shelves filled with identical copies of the dictionary.'
  7. 'Thus, Jaffe commissioned an identical copy from Marco that was precisely one-half the size.'
  8. 'Uncertain which of the three sons to give it to, he had two identical copies made, so that he could give a ring to each son.'
  9. 'The industrial building, next to the villa, at first seemed to be an identical copy of the main villa.'
  10. 'The only way another person could enjoy that particular painting was if an identical copy was made.'
A single specimen of a particular book, record, or other publication or issue.
  1. 'Their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, produces millions of copies of books which expose the errors of evolution and give evidence for creation.'
  2. 'Again, the public's response was overwhelmingly positive; the single sold eight million copies.'
  3. 'The book has sold more than 6.5 million copies since its publication last year, breaking sales records for a novel in its first 12 months, and is set to be made into a film.'
  4. 'Under section 9 of the Copyright Act of 1994, the copyright owner has the right to issue to the public copies of sound recordings and films.'
  5. 'The Daily Mail, a revolutionary departure from the leaden format of its contemporaries, sold a record breaking 300,000 copies of its first issue.'
  6. 'Worldwide, 13 million copies of the book had rolled off the presses in a massive print run.'
  7. 'Before, during and after World War II, honor systems were used to sell single copies of newspapers.'
  8. 'They will also see regional authors reading from their latest publication and signing copies of their books.'
  9. 'It sold over 20 million copies in book form and sparked three sequels at the cinema.'
  10. 'Outside, the Bookmobile will be downloading, printing, binding, and giving away for free copies of public domain books.'
Matter to be printed.
  1. 'However, this will allow you to maximise your print solution with less copy and more white space for a cleaner more effective advertisement.'
  2. 'As assistant managing editor for copy at the St. Petersburg Times, she sits in on news meetings.'
  3. 'Unfortunately, I suspect that your reporter awoke from his dream after his copy had been printed?'
  4. 'Writing stories, reading local news sources, and editing or filing copy were the most important aspects of news-gathering and news-processing.'
  5. 'It's bad writing and it takes up a full page in the print copy.'
  6. 'Editors, meanwhile, began routinely winking at copy containing unfounded speculation, rumor, and unchecked facts.'
  7. 'Then we'll edit each other's copy and make the changes side by side at the computer.'
  8. 'In addition, they added an eighth measure: the square inches of copy divided by the number of reporters listed with bylines.'
  9. 'The newsroom typically handles both kinds of copy.'
  10. 'At times, in all the last editing, all I wanted to do was bundle up every scrap of copy, every note I'd taken and carry it home, keep it safe with me.'
  11. 'it is an unfortunate truth of today's media that bad news makes good copy'
  12. 'Unfortunately she started writing copy for women's magazines which was beyond parody.'
  13. 'Other newspapers ran equally dramatic copy, using military metaphors to show the growing rift between doctors and the health secretary.'
  14. 'How many times should you use your primary keyword in your web copy and your article submissions?'
  15. 'You will also have to write copy (basically articles) that communicates when being spoken.'
  16. 'We hear that a group of freelance journalists in the US are suing a leading national newspaper for posting their copy on its Web site without permission.'
  17. 'We use allusions to popular songs in headlines and in copy and we tend not to get accused of violating copyright.'
  18. '‘No more stubble—no more trouble,’ trumpeted their ad copy'
  19. 'Unlike the books of so many other writers, which might as well be advertising copy, Smith's work at many, many levels.'
  20. 'At this point, executives will be ready to begin writing advertising copy for the product.'
  21. 'Minda had already proven to be a skilled writer of political advertising copy.'
  22. 'But sheerly as an exercise in English composition, Kay's statement is as flimsy as advertising copy.'
  23. 'What we're witnessing now is a return to the days of 70s and 80s advertising copy.'
  24. 'Tailor the landing page text and use ad copy in the heading.'
  25. 'During the 1920s, advertising copy and style names for all types of rings for men cast these items in a particularly manly light.'
  26. 'After graduating, Grant dabbled briefly in advertising, writing copy for Brylcreem and Red Stripe beer, but plugged away at an acting career in regional theatre.'
  27. 'Not bad for a guy who had been slogging through advertising copy before chucking it all to chase his dream.'
  28. 'What can be done to make e-poetry better, less like advertising copy?'


Make a similar or identical version of; reproduce.
  1. '‘Once the tapes have been copied, my solicitor will send them to top people in racing,’ he said.'
  2. 'During Champlain's short-lived career as a teacher, her pupils learned to paint by copying her own versions of floral wreaths, Fancy, and Cupid.'
  3. 'In particular, I really hated having to copy final versions out ‘in best’.'
  4. 'This master tape is then copied and packed into special envelopes which are posted the following morning.'
  5. 'Every time I switch on the TV, I see someone copying a video I did, sometimes frame by frame.'
  6. 'The footage was accidentally erased a few days later after Garda technicians attempted to copy it onto video format, he said.'
  7. 'Twenty-one percent had actually copied the newsletter and sent it to beef cattle producers in their county.'
  8. 'This was the version actually copied by Qualtex.'
  9. 'They are sponsoring legislation that will make it a felony ‘to use or attempt to use’ a video recording device to copy a film in a movie theater.'
  10. 'Users can copy video only from a PC, not directly from a television or DVD player.'
  11. 'the command will copy a file from one disc to another'
  12. 'The final command copies the default configuration file to your home directory.'
  13. 'Remember that any time a file is viewable, the file can be copied, e-mailed and otherwise compromised.'
  14. 'he copied the details into his notebook'
  15. 'The other pilot would be responsible for maintaining an instrument scan and copying information from the crewman.'
  16. 'The discovery of two inkwells and a plastered table and bench strongly suggested that one of the rooms was a scriptorium, a room set apart for writing or copying manuscripts.'
  17. 'She sits down and instructs the students to begin to copy the notes written on the overhead.'
  18. 'I'll write the curriculum onto the blackboard - of course in French - and it would be advisable if you copy the information.'
  19. 'After I wrote it, I copied it onto another piece of paper really quick so I could write it down in my diary.'
  20. 'Ali rolled her eyes, imagining being ordered to read and copy chapters about having proper posture.'
  21. 'My sister's a Special Ed teacher, so she had one of her students copy a letter I wrote.'
  22. 'It's as if he read the title, copied one of the figures, and didn't pay any attention at all to the conclusions of the paper, which contradict what he claims.'
  23. 'Even those monks who spent their days copying manuscripts could barely read or understand them.'
  24. 'Not what I wanted to hear after copying the names of about one crore hundred people.'
  25. 'I thought I'd copy to you this letter sent to the PR representative'
  26. 'I wrote to the management of the cinema expressing profound concern and copied my letter to the editors of the three local newspapers.'
  27. 'You will note that I have copied this letter to Alway Associates.'
  28. 'Failure to do so will result in my copying this letter to the Home Office Enforcement Section so that they may take necessary action against you to compel you to leave the United Kingdom.'
  29. 'Many organisations and individuals in the NHS are either already copying letters to patients, or keen to do so.'
  30. 'She copied the letter to the code of practice authority, where it was treated as a complaint.'
  31. 'Under the new system, even if a victim has a solicitor, PIAB will deal only with the victim, though it will copy letters to the solicitor if requested.'
  32. 'She has also condemned the change and has written to county transport bosses - copying the letter to GNER - expressing her concern.'
  33. 'The letter was not copied to WGI but it was not necessary to do so.'
  34. 'I attached the document and copied him in so he'd know it had been sent'
Imitate the style or behaviour of.
  1. no object 'art students copied from approved old masters'
  2. 'Liam isn't copied from any individual but his fictional life and the dilemmas he confronts are informed by what we found.'
  3. 'No, of course they won't be copied from traditional moko, they will reflect my own ancestry, the signs and symbols of a Scottish clan.'
  4. 'All the tunes and dances of many of the movies are copied from the folk art forms - songs and dances of this region with which the children are well versed.'
  5. 'Everything that was new and modern came from the US or was copied from the US and it continued that way up until The Beatles.'
  6. 'This sort of enamel work on a faceted metal body was copied from the enamelled European watches.'
  7. 'The design was copied from an English home and was built in stone imported from Bath.'
  8. 'The style of the show is obviously copied from the CBS program 60 Minutes.'
  9. 'Actually, we copied and improved English copyright law.'
  10. 'He said there ‘may or may not’ be any scientific basis for the tests, which he said had been copied from the US without analysis of their efficacy.'
  11. 'Skip James' eerie, dark and complex tunings and netherworldly falsetto have never been equaled nor adequately copied in 74 years.'
Hear or understand someone speaking on a radio transmitter.
  1. 'You copy, Minnie.'

More definitions

1. an imitation, reproduction, or transcript of an original: a copy of a famous painting.

2. one of the various examples or specimens of the same book, engraving, or the like.

3. written matter intended to be reproduced in printed form: The editor sent the copy for the next issue to the printer.

4. the text of a news story, advertisement, television commercial, etc., as distinguished from related visual material.

5. the newsworthiness of a person,

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"people/places/organizations can be copy."

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"expressions can be copy."

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Middle English (denoting a transcript or copy of a document): from Old French copie (noun), copier (verb), from Latin copia ‘abundance’ (in medieval Latin ‘transcript’, from such phrases as copiam describendi facere ‘give permission to transcribe’).