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Sharing a common border; touching.
  1. 'It is a reasonable supposition on our part therefore to consider that, if escorted back to the edge of the contiguous zone, vessels would return to Indonesia.'
  2. 'The continental United States is contiguous with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.'
  3. 'From an ecological point of view, the park should have encompassed contiguous biodiversity-rich forest tracts that cut across even states.'
  4. 'But to be defensible, land must be contiguous; it cannot be cut through by a grid controlled by an occupying power.'
  5. 'Under this scheme, tribes and migrants were jointly allotted land for agricultural operations in contiguous areas.'
  6. 'The ideal is for married children to live near their parents, at least in the same city, if not in the same neighborhood or on a contiguous lot.'
  7. 'It is contiguous to a scrub shrub/emergent wetland and bordered to the east by an evergreen forested wetland complex.'
  8. 'Albanians live in a contiguous area in at least four states.'
  9. 'These valleys form part of a magnificent expanse of contiguous pristine valleys-a complex of giant trees unparalleled on Vancouver Island.'
  10. 'Thus, spatial heterogeneity in predation pressure is common in both fragmented and contiguous landscapes.'
  11. 'five hundred contiguous dictionary entries'
  12. 'The sequences were assembled into one contiguous sequence by methods described previously.'
  13. 'For analysis, we used the longest available contiguous sequence.'
  14. 'Few detailed studies of large contiguous barley genomic sequences have been published.'
  15. 'Latin and Greek were long coupled together, because of the contiguous history, mythology and culture from which they descended.'
  16. 'Therefore, the sequence at internal nodes will always consist of one contiguous fragment of sequence.'
  17. 'The three fragments from each allele were then aligned against a reference sequence to create a single contiguous sequence.'
  18. 'We kept the numbering contiguous in spite of two gaps in the sequence.'
  19. 'An extent is a sequence of contiguous aggregate blocks allocated to an object as a unit.'
  20. 'The sequenced region corresponds to contiguous partial sequences of intron 4 and exon 5 of the bib gene.'
  21. 'In what follows a neutral network is a contiguous set of sequences possessing the same fitness.'


1. touching; in contact.

2. in close proximity without actually touching; near.

3. adjacent in time: contiguous events.

More examples(as adjective)

"plates can be contiguous on segments."

"plates can be contiguous at proximallies."

"people can be contiguous on segments."

"systems can be contiguous to systems."

"states can be contiguous to people."

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Early 16th century: from Latin contiguus ‘touching’, from the verb contingere ‘be in contact, befall’ (see contingent), + -ous.