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The action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits.
  1. 'And she hopes to see a move toward closed containment within the next three to five years.'
  2. 'At every farm, bears could be seen with wounds or scars to the face, head, paws and back because of the friction caused by containment.'
  3. 'But the key error I see in the argument is about our ability to sustain containment over time.'
  4. 'The fires are still burning in northeast Victoria but they seem to be within the containment lines.'
  5. 'Risk containment and control can be achieved when people are allowed to learn from past errors.'
  6. 'Its construction helped to make processing and containment here a lot easier.'
  7. 'Cost containment is a prerequisite, otherwise the gains of the last decade could be put in jeopardy, said the report.'
  8. 'I think there needs to be some kind of line in the sand drawn, there needs to be containment for these children.'
  9. 'The lure of islands, the way I see it, is a promise of containment, be it of your happiness or your misery.'
  10. 'I think the only viable solutions would either be strict containment of economic migrants, or widespread dispersal.'
  11. 'a policy of containment and negotiation was the appropriate course of action'
  12. 'A necessary corollary of the westward expansion of the frontier was the western containment of its indigenous population.'
  13. 'It has to be essentially a policy of containment, of making the countries concerned more attractive to their own peoples.'
  14. 'It suggests a policy of urban containment boundaries is one means of avoiding haphazard growth throughout the region.'
  15. 'They've had no new weapons system for a decade due to the policy of containment.'
  16. 'Even in those circumstances, war might well have been unwise compared to a policy of containment.'
  17. 'To be sure, there are situations in which containment is an entirely appropriate policy.'
  18. 'And make no mistake, we don't have anyone who can dominate him, so a policy of containment is the best that we can hope for.'
  19. 'Shelly felt that a policy of containment and negotiation was the appropriate course of action.'
  20. 'Opponents of war are making the case that containment works.'
  21. 'In sum, dual containment remains the correct short-term policy in that region.'

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1. the act or condition of containing.

2. an act or policy of restricting the territorial growth or ideological influence of another, especially a hostile nation.

3. (in a nuclear power plant) an enclosure completely surrounding a nuclear reactor, designed to prevent the release of radioactive material in the event of an accident.

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"systems can be containment."