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Engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field.
  1. 'Dr. Faruqui has held senior consulting positions with Barakat & Chamberlin, EDS, Hagler Bailly, and Battelle.'
  2. 'He said a consulting engineer will be talking to Kildare County Council with regard to traffic manoeuvres in the area and it would be premature to put in traffic calming on the Sycamores Road.'
  3. 'William Cleinwerch, a traffic engineer with JRA, said the initial phase of the project will be the implementation of a master plan, designed by a consulting engineer, for Soweto.'
  4. 'It has five dedicated individuals in it, and is expanded as needed with professional consulting staff to fit the specific training situation.'
  5. '‘It's simply beyond me,’ said Billy Prochaska, a consulting engineer in the forensic group known as Team Louisiana.'
  6. 'The South Florida Water Management District - which regulates the lake's level - hired the consulting engineers to examine the dike and write a report.'
  7. 'Alternatively you could hire a consulting structural engineer.'
  8. 'Graham, not restrained by talking to a consulting engineer, jumped for joy.'
  9. 'The announcement came yesterday following a meeting between fire safety officers and the stadium's consulting engineers.'
  10. 'The challenge has come from Mr Brian Coyle, a consulting engineer with Coyle Kennedy in Galway.'


The business of giving expert advice to other professionals.
  1. 'It says the scheme to register construction and consulting firms emanated from past experiences of the council and now wished to reward firms based on their performance.'
  2. 'We will continue to work closely with Menston because our experience in this process, of consulting widely and so on, should help them.'
  3. 'We were both dissatisfied with our experiences of international consulting.'
  4. 'This has resulted in their inability to provide professional consulting for their clients from a relatively broader horizon.'
  5. 'For years, we've all known that consulting, as a profession, is getting a little, well, dog-eared.'
  6. 'I did some consulting for Trilogy; it was an interesting experience.'
  7. 'Campaign consulting is simply another business sector experiencing globalization, a sector in which entrepreneurs and innovators can expand, compete and succeed.'
  8. 'Both of the firms specialize in training and IT consulting.'
  9. 'By then, he'd become a barrister, then a senior lecturer in criminology at Melbourne University, and then moved into private consulting.'
  10. 'Emrys claims to be a sultan of consulting for friends all over the globe in need of advice.'


1. employed or involved in giving professional advice to the public or to those practicing the profession: a consulting physician.

2. of, relating to, or used for consultation: a physician's consulting room.

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