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Relating to an established set of principles governing a state.
  1. 'The minority denounced the stay as a violation of both constitutional procedures and democratic principles.'
  2. 'Use of this principle with respect to constitutional interpretation may still be controversial.'
  3. 'They oppose the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, but at the same time oppose gay marriage.'
  4. 'At the same time, only a minority of Americans support a constitutional amendment opposing gay marriage.'
  5. 'I'm opposed to any kind of constitutional amendment or federal involvement in this issue.'
  6. 'In response, a constitutional amendment that curbs the military's power was passed in May.'
  7. 'It is a fundamental constitutional principle, deeply entrenched within our system.'
  8. 'Therefore, we reaffirm our support for a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget.'
  9. 'The reverence given to the Constitution is one explanation for the very small number of constitutional amendments.'
  10. 'The people might even pass a constitutional amendment reversing the Supreme Court's decision.'
  11. 'a constitutional monarchy'
  12. 'No one in the press corps challenged this attack on fundamental constitutional principles.'
  13. 'That is, the Federal Treasury creates credit under constitutional authority.'
  14. 'The politics of rights varies according to whether constitutional or non-constitutional regimes are involved.'
  15. 'A vote set to sail through became mired in questions of authority and constitutional legitimacy.'
  16. 'Given her weakness in constitutional law, her background in business law looks like a strength.'
  17. 'In June 1960 a group of princes signed a memorandum calling for a constitutional monarchy.'
  18. 'Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.'
  19. 'The Deputy Prime Minister said today that he believes in supporting the constitutional monarchy.'
  20. 'He multiplied assurances to the establishment, claiming that constitutional government was safe.'
Relating to someone's nature or physical condition.
  1. 'This may be caused by constitutional weakness, excessive work, illness or emotional stress.'
  2. 'By treating the Causative Factor, the patients underlying constitutional weakness, healing is supported on the most profound level.'
  3. 'As well as constitutional treatment, she agreed to remedies to attack the cancer itself.'
  4. 'At any age errors in diet will be all the more likely to tell upon the liver if there be any constitutional weakness in the functional power of the organ.'


A walk taken regularly to maintain or restore good health.
  1. 'I guess by the time she's my age I'll be content with exertion no more strenuous than a nightly constitutional.'
  2. 'I took one of my regular constitutionals tonight.'
  3. 'One of the times I was listening to this movement I was taking my daily constitutional.'


1. of or relating to the constitution of a state, organization, etc.

2. subject to the provisions of such a constitution: a constitutional monarchy.

3. provided by, in accordance with, or not prohibited by, such a constitution: the constitutional powers of the president; a law held to be constitutional by the Supreme Court.

4. belonging to or inherent in the character or makeup of a person's body or mind: a constitutional weakness for sweets.

5. pertaining to the constitu

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"reforms can be constitutional."

"amendments can be constitutional."

"changes can be constitutional."

"rights can be constitutional."

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