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A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one.
  1. mass noun 'doctors often come into conflict with politicians'
  2. 'Over the next few years there would emerge the most serious conflict between the judiciary and the executive that has ever occurred in Australian history.'
  3. 'My own present church was a church plant more or less birthed after a period of bitter and protracted conflict between the pastor and some board members at his former church.'
  4. 'The battle symbolises the ongoing conflict between the universal forces of creation and destruction.'
  5. 'But, over time, this control diminished, spurring the conflict between the old and new leadership out into the open.'
  6. 'At the root of the culture war is a conflict between theism and atheism'
  7. 'At present, the reform agenda had been derailed by the protracted conflict between the government and the legislative body, he said.'
  8. 'In conclusion, I turn to other, more recent expressions of the conflict between the two cultures.'
  9. 'With a square conflict between two federal appeals courts, the secret hearing issue appears ripe for Supreme Court resolution.'
  10. 'I think there is serious conflict between science and most religions.'
  11. 'In fact the conflict is so serious as to make the evidence of a witness retained on that basis inherently suspect and perhaps even valueless.'
  12. 'It is even harder to hope for success in military actions on a larger scale, like an armed conflict escalating into a local war.'
  13. 'Fighting in an armed conflict does not constitute murder, or aiding an ‘enemy’.'
  14. 'An analysis of the local wars and armed conflicts suggests that air force invariably defeated air defense forces.'
  15. 'Australia was not born of a blood-soaked conflict or struggle to be free from oppression.'
  16. 'For millennia, Earth had served as an arena, the battleground for an unrelenting conflict between the forces of heaven and hell.'
  17. 'Here are some articles from the Geneva Convention that deal with the protection of civilians in armed conflicts.'
  18. 'I see perhaps a protracted conflict against various terrorist organizations and nations that harbor them.'
  19. 'More than a million people were displaced during the armed conflict.'
  20. 'It should impose martial law or state of emergency in the zones of armed conflicts and antiterrorism operations.'
  21. 'The recent local wars and armed conflicts taught us to pay special attention to the paratroopers' armaments.'
  22. 'bewildered by her own inner conflict, she could only stand there feeling vulnerable'
  23. 'To experience conflict with a therapist and learn to resolve it is often the path out of depression.'
  24. 'These issues were salient in the lives of these teens and were conducive to both the exploration of alternatives and the experience of conflict.'
  25. 'there was a conflict between his business and domestic life'
  26. 'This world is one in which there is a conflict between historical culture, the impulses of the individual body and the intensities of inner experience.'
  27. 'For the very same people to firstly decide on that and then be the principal beneficiaries of its policies and money is a serious conflict of interest.'
  28. 'The entire subject would become a conflict of interest.'
  29. 'Directors who are aware of a conflict of interest in any proposed contract are required to draw it to the attention of the board, but may thereafter take part in any vote on the matter.'
  30. 'Of course, as I reported a couple of weeks ago, the board has a serious conflict of interest on its hands.'
  31. 'The conflict between this culture and their background isn't explored clearly.'
  32. 'It's just one of the difficult ways that they have to confront the conflict between the rights of the defendant and national security.'
  33. 'The conflict between the respective positions creates a serious issue which, in my view, can be determined properly only after a trial.'
  34. 'Indeed, we could probably argue that their existing costs were already too high, and that takes us back to a ministerial conflict of interest.'
  35. 'The last, for instance, explores the conflict between cultural traditions and powerful assimilative tendencies.'


Be incompatible or at variance; clash.
  1. 'the date for the match conflicted with a religious festival'
  2. 'There were also conflicting reports about the reasons for the suspect's arrest.'
  3. 'They maintained the case had not been made for the court, which conflicted with the protection of human rights and a liberal democracy.'
  4. 'I think it is incredibly difficult for teenagers who are bombarded with conflicting messages.'
  5. 'Their explanations, however, still conflicted with some documents written at the time.'
  6. 'She should not have been treated using a local anaesthetic because it conflicted with drugs she was using for hernia and heart problems.'
  7. 'National guidance derived from the records of multiple organisations was conflicting.'
  8. 'Abortion rights activists said it conflicted with three decades of Supreme Court precedent.'
  9. 'The judge held that the development manifestly conflicted with the allocation of land in the development plan.'
  10. 'The effect of alcohol on fertility is not clear as the results of studies are conflicting.'
  11. 'Here, we should not assume that economic interests necessarily conflicted with love interests.'
  12. 'Her home was in Virginia; however, she had to remain silent about her conflicted feelings.'
  13. 'To be fair, the vice president faced a conflicted public opinion environment.'
  14. 'She made a conflicted plea bargain in the case and received a stiff twenty-year to life sentence.'
  15. 'It is these qualities we need to understand if we are to make sense of this conflicted representation of New York.'
  16. 'He is so disturbed by his conflicted feelings that he attacks the castle.'
  17. 'While the conflicted desires of women have created some of this tension, society sends its own mixed signals.'
  18. 'The play itself offers a conflicted examination of some of these issues surrounding the status of performance.'
  19. 'But of course Aristotle does not mean that a conflicted person has more than one faculty of reason.'
  20. 'But it is the natural imagery that makes this conflicted love poem so memorable.'
  21. 'A greater number of conflicted couples reported being childless than other types of couples.'

More definitions

1. to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash: The account of one eyewitness conflicted with that of the other. My class conflicts with my going to the concert.

2. to fight or contend; do battle. noun

3. a fight, battle, or struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; strife.

4. controversy; quarrel: conflicts between parties.

5. discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of inter

More examples(as adjective)

"decisions can be conflict with rulings."

"resolutions can be conflict."

"decisions can be conflict."


Late Middle English: from Latin conflict- ‘struck together, fought’, from the verb confligere, from con- ‘together’ + fligere ‘to strike’; the noun is via Latin conflictus ‘a contest’.