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Intended or likely to placate or pacify.
  1. 'However, she said she wanted a conciliatory approach taken with the vandals in the true spirit of the sculpture.'
  2. 'Chairman Johnson had taken a far more conciliatory approach in his handling of the meeting.'
  3. 'Washington is skeptical of Seoul taking a conciliatory approach to Pyongyang.'
  4. 'The guide is designed to help make divorce less confrontational and to encourage a more conciliatory approach.'
  5. 'Until now Orde had been in the forefront of conciliatory approaches to the Republican movement.'
  6. 'Articulate, quick on his feet and funny, Devaney takes a conciliatory approach to partisan issues.'
  7. 'They have attempted to stop the flow of money abroad by making conciliatory gestures to those who speculate on financial markets.'
  8. 'I anxiously stood up, clutching the towel to my middle, and spread out my palm in a conciliatory gesture.'
  9. 'Pro-democracy legislators have been invited to the event in a move seen as a conciliatory gesture from Beijing.'
  10. 'This contrasts with the conciliatory approach of China, South Korea and Russia.'


1. tending to conciliate: a conciliatory manner; conciliatory comments.

More examples(as adjective)

"tones can be conciliatory on steps."

"speeches can be conciliatory on wholes."

"people can be conciliatory to extents."

"ministries can be conciliatory in months."

"tones can be conciliatory."

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