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Willing to please others or to accept what they do or say without protest.
  1. 'The complaisant attitudes came from some surprising quarters.'
  2. 'Ruthless spin doctors and complaisant media can be a tragic mix'
  3. 'Although the subsidiary was complaisant to do the parent's will, it did function in giving effect to the parent's wishes and the parent did not usurp the control of the subsidiary.'
  4. 'In fact, if he means to keep it up, newspapers may want to send a mixed party of philosophers and wranglers, instead of complaisant hacks, to his next party conference.'
  5. 'Noah's eyes were slightly jealous, but he was so complaisant that I figured he'd get over it in a day.'


1. inclined or disposed to please; obliging; agreeable or gracious; compliant: the most complaisant child I've ever met.

More examples(as adjective)

"wives can be complaisant."

"kindnesses can be complaisant."

"houses can be complaisant."

"fools can be complaisant."


Mid 17th century: French, from complaire ‘acquiesce in order to please’, from Latin complacere ‘to please’.