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A competition.
  1. 'Suddenly we have a comp with possibly 200 + pilots, more sponsorship and a better chance at TV coverage.'
  2. 'It's a massive comp in Australia and what player wouldn't like to go out there and test themselves?'
  3. 'There were two different divisions for the comp, allowing all skaters to compete for either gold or glory, or even just a laugh.'
  4. 'The innermost is Manu Bay where many of the big-name international surf comps in NZ are held.'
  5. 'Meanwhile, Janelle tells Susan about the new car she's thinking of buying to drive Bree to the spelling comp.'
  6. 'I thought you had a skating comp in a few weeks.'
  7. 'The weekend will also play host to the spectacular surf-jumping Thundercats, street parades, skateboarding comps, live bands, markets and other cultural events.'
A compilation.
  1. 'But the elusive b-sides make this comp essential.'
  2. 'That concept had DJs and producers from all across the globe choose only one song for the comp, representing their country of origin.'
  3. 'Some of the tunes on this comp will help the memories come alive.'
  4. 'Even more confusingly, they have a number of brilliant tracks hidden away on soundtracks, rarities comps, and fan club-only releases.'
A comprehensive school.
  1. 'Surely Oxford should trawl those bog-standard comps for bright pupils.'
A complimentary ticket or voucher.
  1. 'A patron may receive complimentaries, or comps, such as a free night's hotel stay or tickets to a show, based on the kind of player he or she is rated to be.'
A computer.
  1. 'Anyone who would run a server on someone else's comp without their knowledge is scum.'
  2. 'First, you need to monitor your comp's processes.'
  3. 'Towards the end of the class, I needed a file from the teacher's comp, and took a disk to his office to get it.'
  4. 'After I was done I told mom, and showed her that my comp was faster now.'
  5. 'Hook everything up, first problem, the comps couldn't see each other.'
  6. 'This happens whether he's playing online, or against the comp.'
  7. 'He takes the CPU MB and Vid card and ram from home and puts it in his work comp.'
  8. 'Would you like to bring your comp in or have a service call?'
  9. 'So I got ready to reboot the system, when I saw a note sticked to the power-button of the comp.'
  1. 'But for many employees, worker's comp is their only insurance; thus, there's incentive for workers to blame injuries on the workplace to get treatment.'
  2. 'Recent efforts by business groups to ‘reform’ workers' comp have made it more difficult for injured employees to obtain payments.'
  3. 'The questions cover hourly pay and straight salary, and benefits ranging from overtime, health insurance, and paid vacations to Social Security taxes and workers' comp.'
  4. 'But even if the new gang gets nowhere on workers' comp, there are several other important and more easily achievable steps they could take.'
  5. 'Direct losses include claims under property coverage, workers' comp, life and accident, business interruption, general liability and more.'
  6. '‘You hear about small businesses actually going out of business over workers' comp,’ she says.'
A composition.
    A musical accompaniment.
      A compositor.


        Play music as an accompaniment, especially in jazz or blues.
        1. with object 'if someone is comping chord changes, there are more textured harmonies'
        2. 'We did vocals and guitars and saxes and weird noises during the day, and I'd go back to my hotel at night and comp vocals and make rough mixes.'
        3. 'Nelson's comping on the vibes creates a texture that is more ethereal than a pianist's and helps define Holland's compositional sound.'
        4. 'The teaching approach focuses on two areas: comping and soloing.'
        5. 'Thus, a pianist can practice comping or soloing in the bebop style by turning down the keyboard channel and then playing along with the other instruments - a ‘music minus one’ concept.'
        Give (something) away free, especially as part of a promotion.
        1. 'The wine they were served was excellent, and Ford, looking at the prices on the menu, was quite thankful their meals were being comped.'
        2. 'Whatever the reason, people took kindly to being comped some sauce.'
        3. 'Most desk employees have authority to offer food and beverage credits, and managers typically can comp a night's stay or more if the situation warrants a larger apology.'
        4. 'If the action is strong enough, not only can you get comped for everything; you may even receive reimbursement for your airfare.'
        5. 'The bill certainly wasn't cheap even bearing in mind we were comping the Birthday girl, although amongst 15 that didn't amount to too much.'
        6. 'She hadn't remembered to comp our pizza as offered.'
        7. 'Trouble in paradise on our trip resulted in comped meals for much of the stay.'
        8. 'My action was more than enough to warrant the casino to fully comp my stay, including shows, gourmet dinning rooms, amazing suites, and of course first class airfare reimbursement for two.'
        9. 'You want to comp something, comp the extra wine we've had to drink waiting for each other.'
        10. 'The waitress comped our dessert as an apology for the bresaola which was a nice touch, but really, I think I would have happily paid through the nose for this stuff.'


          Complimentary; free.
          1. 'On comp tickets: I get four for each game, and my mom decide who gets them.'
          2. 'Along the way I turned into a con man: always poaching a good time for little or no money, getting free hard and soft goods, and comp lift tickets.'
          3. 'I felt momentarily obliged to offer him a cookie, if not a hug and a comp ticket for the clue train.'


          1. a compositor.

          2. composition. verb (used with object)

          3. to compose (type).

          More examples(as adjective)

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