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  1. 'For the black section, he used black woodchip coco beads with rhinestones to catch the light and contrast against the black.'
  2. 'The towering coco colada is mixed with icy bits and chunks of fruits.'
  3. 'An official said that coco gel and coconut-water concentrate are being bottled and promoted in a big way as an alternative to colas.'
  4. 'The Caribbean's colour intensity has not abated; however, the once lofty coco palms have been beaten at their own game by the heights of hotels and condominium blocks.'
  5. '‘You eat it with the coco bread to soak up the spice and the juice,’ she said.'
  6. 'Whether tubers are in the garden or in pots, water thoroughly after planting, and apply a mulch of your choice: bark, coco hulls, and straw all work well.'
  7. 'Lunch was quite commonly a patty and corn bread or coco bread from the shop across the road.'
The root of the taro.

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    1. coconut palm.

    2. coconut (def 1).

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    "farmers can be coco."


    Mid 16th century (originally denoting the nut): from Spanish and Portuguese, literally ‘grinning face’ (because of the appearance of the base of the coconut).