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A stiff, sticky fine-grained earth that can be moulded when wet, and is dried and baked to make bricks, pottery, and ceramics.
  1. as modifier 'a clay soil'
  2. count noun 'the rocks are covered by various mixtures of loose clays and sands'
  3. 'If you're pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before using bentonite clay.'
  4. 'In 1851, British archaeologists discovered hundreds of clay tablets while digging in ancient Babylon.'
  5. 'The crafts will include stick making, painting, clay modelling, paper mache, collage and many more.'
  6. 'Both were making clay pots, and everything seemed to be going along well.'
  7. 'I've used polymer clay with children from second grade through sixth.'
  8. 'The later Babylonians adopted the same style of cuneiform writing on clay tablets.'
  9. 'Treat dirt or red clay on children's baseball uniforms in the same manner.'
  10. 'One slope of the mound had clay loam soil and another had sandy loam.'
  11. 'I strongly suggested that the students carve only, fighting the temptation to model the soft clay with their fingers.'
  12. 'He informs me that the ground below Dublin consists predominantly of boulder clay.'
  13. 'The fact that clay is the perfect surface on which to learn the game and yet British players are, for the most part, terrified of it, still astounds and perplexes Jones.'
  14. 'Crucially, they are potent on every surface including the indoor clay chosen for this week's final in Paris.'
  15. 'I mean, the future of tennis lies in clay, and in creating new personalities, so I am not bothered if I am seen in some quarters as being a bit of a loner or a maverick.'
  16. 'Fortunately the competition will be played on a hard court surface and not clay which many of our players are not familiar with.'
  17. 'Then again, clay is not his surface and the battalions of Argentine baseline craftsmen are always out to get him here.'
  18. 'Of course, he does this not through imagery alone but through turning the paint itself into a kind of turbulent human clay.'
  19. 'It was the rest of him that was made of fallible human clay.'
A European moth with yellowish-brown wings.

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    1. a natural earthy material that is plastic when wet, consisting essentially of hydrated silicates of aluminum: used for making bricks, pottery, etc.

    2. earth; mud.

    3. earth, especially regarded as the material from which the human body was formed.

    4. the human body, especially as distinguished from the spirit or soul; the flesh.

    5. human character as estimated according to fineness of constitution, endowments, etc.: The saints and heroes seem of a different clay from most of us. ve

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    "tiles can be clay."

    "walls can be clay."

    "utensils can be clay."

    "fittings can be clay."

    "dikes can be clay."

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    (clay)Old English clǣg, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch klei, also to cleave and climb.