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A tank for storing water, especially one supplying taps or as part of a flushing toilet.
  1. 'Size the cistern to provide enough water storage for reasonably expected dry periods.'
  2. 'Everything they needed to survive was inside: stores of food, cisterns of water, and strategically-placed air holes.'
  3. 'They smash toilet cisterns over each others' heads!'
  4. 'Almost every house has cisterns and water pipes and fountains.'
  5. 'Amid comic dialogues and actions, and song and dance sequences, the players carried their message loud and clear: malaria-causing mosquitoes breed in clear water in the cisterns, tanks and wells of every household.'
  6. 'Used water collected in this manner can be pumped back to supply outdoor taps and toilet cisterns everywhere already connected to the present system.'
  7. 'When the bucket is full, I empty it into the toilet cistern.'
  8. 'One compromise is to build a unit around the toilet to hide the cistern and plumbing from view but this ‘back to the wall’ unit will take up some potentially valuable space.'
  9. 'The Japanese have gone one step further and installed hand-basins in the top of their cisterns so that the toilets are flushed with pre-used water.'
  10. 'But the resident must hand pump the water from the cistern to the barrel in advance.'
  11. 'Many had wells or cisterns for collecting rainwater.'
  12. 'If all the canals are opened, how long will it take to fill the cistern?'

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1. cistern (def 2).

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"spaces can be cisternal."


(cisterna)Middle English: from Old French cisterne, from Latin cisterna, from cista ‘box’ (see cist).