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Situated around or inhabiting one of the earth's poles.
  1. 'Daily mean temperature and total daily precipitation records were obtained from climatic stations for the circumpolar Arctic for the decades 1976-85 and 1986-95.'
  2. 'Even at sites far removed from circumpolar ice masses, isostatic changes in local relative sea level resulting from the additional weight of ocean water left a subtle imprint on coastal landscapes.'
  3. 'Antarctica became isolated from the other continents in the Miocene, leading to the formation of a circumpolar ocean circulation.'
  4. 'It sets out objectives and priorities for Canada's foreign policy in the circumpolar world, including the northern territories of Canada, Russia, the U.S., the Nordic countries, and the waters that surround them.'
  5. 'The opening of this gateway eventually led to the relative thermal isolation of Antarctica and the creation of the clockwise strong Antarctic circumpolar current.'
  6. 'The deeps of the Pacific, the Atlantic, and Indian Oceans all join the circumpolar deeps of the southern oceans.'
  7. 'It seems that there have been circumpolar nomads present at least since the last glaciation period, which ended around 10,000 BC.'
  8. 'About 100,000 inhabit northern circumpolar waters in at least 29 separate stocks, with the largest concentration in Canada's Hudson Bay.'
  9. 'Lying within the circumpolar region, between the ocean and spectacular mountain ranges, its long dark winters are offset by plentiful hours of summer daylight.'
  10. 'These landforms occur throughout the circumpolar boreal zone.'
  11. 'the Plough is circumpolar from Britain'
  12. 'Since the compass had not yet been invented, there are two ways this could have been accomplished: by celestial sightings, using a circumpolar star, or by sighting on the sun.'
  13. 'If one notices, the shuttle takes a circumpolar route as it orbits.'


1. around or near a pole, as of the earth.

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"ploughs can be circumpolar from places."

"people/places/organizations can be circumpolar."

"distributions can be circumpolar."

"vortexes can be circumpolar."

"tundras can be circumpolar."

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