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Having the form of a circle.
  1. 'Iranian leaders wear black or white turbans wrapped in a flat, circular style.'
  2. 'Recent donations include the purchase of picnic tables, a circular seat round the willow tree by the lake, and benches in the park.'
  3. 'Its outer circular wall was transformed internally into a square.'
  4. 'From now on, pizza will just be a circular abomination we order out of desperation, when there isn't time to make anything good.'
  5. 'A series of circular markers bearing Ralph's Cross, the park's symbol, have gone missing in recent weeks.'
  6. 'My first new belt in about seven years was a hand-painted creation with two rows of large circular holes running all the way round it.'
  7. 'Most Iranian intersections have a large circular island in the middle.'
  8. 'Surrounding the circle will be a circular grass mound, carpeted in bluebells.'
  9. 'One of the show homes features a circular staircase and upstairs gallery.'
  10. 'A circular brick island rises up in the centre of the roundabout.'
  11. 'a circular walk'
  12. 'Orbits not being exactly circular, the minimum distances can range from 56 million km to 101 million km.'
  13. 'He said there should also be a circular walk giving greater access to the riverside.'
  14. 'The overall look of the Cuban salsa should be sensuous and fluid, with the dancers moving around each other and the floor in circular movements.'
  15. 'The company also removed its 651 and 647 buses which used to run in a circular route.'
  16. 'What should be a 10 minute walk from their home to a nearby park has turned into an hour-long three-mile circular hike.'
  17. 'Apply to the skin in circular movements paying particular attention to your knees, feet and elbows or any dry patches.'
  18. 'Round and round she went, her circular flightpath growing ever bigger.'
  19. 'The biting surfaces of the teeth should be brushed in circular motion.'
  20. 'The longest circular route may take more than two-and-a-half hours.'
  21. 'The local Rangers attempt to cram as much of the area into a 10 km jaunt as they can, with a circular walk to Carbeth.'
(of an argument) already containing an assumption of what is to be proved, and therefore fallacious.
  1. 'This is a classic circular argument, in which the conclusion is already present in the premise.'
  2. 'These estimates can be highly biased and produce a circular argument.'
  3. 'This is a circular argument: we read into the historical record what we want to see clearly.'
(of a letter or advertisement) for distribution to a large number of people.
  1. 'Jung issued a circular letter to all members firmly stating the principle that The International Society is neutral as to politics and creed.'
  2. 'Other workers got phone calls from colleagues or discovered a circular letter informing them of the closedown.'
  3. 'Rules for adoption had been set out in a circular letter which was received by the applicants.'
  4. 'A circular letter was then sent by post to all past and present serving members.'
  5. 'Further investigations revealed the powder was coming from an A4 size envelope containing a circular leaflet.'
  6. 'This is the same facilities team who refused to send a circular email when my car was dented in the office car park!'


A letter or advertisement which is distributed to a large number of people.
  1. 'We have sent out a circular calling for donations and regular collections.'
  2. 'At both Malton and York, we shall be sending round a circular asking farmers to let us know what stock they have available and wish to sell.'
  3. 'A circular was sent to every household in the parish after the failed meetings.'
  4. 'Details of the restructuring plan are expected to be included in the circular being sent to all shareholders in the next two weeks.'
  5. 'The Mambalam police station sent a circular to all Internet cafes in the area with a few directions as to usage.'
  6. 'Anyone who knows me well will know how much I loathe email circulars and chain letters.'
  7. 'The city health authority distributed circulars to hospitals to prepare for a possible dengue fever outbreak.'
  8. 'It has sent a circular asking residents to give their opinion on what sort of development they want to see on the site.'
  9. 'Below is an email that was sent as a circular around the entire university email system, proving just how mush of an important issue parking is!'
  10. 'The Monetary Authority sent banks a circular recommending they use a second type of identification to protect customers using Internet banking transactions.'


1. having the form of a circle; round: a circular tower.

2. of or relating to a circle: a circular plane.

3. moving in or forming a circle or a circuit: the circular rotation of the earth.

4. moving or occurring in a cycle or round: the circular succession of the seasons.

5. roundabout; indirect; circuitous: a circular route.

6. Logic. of or relating to reasoning in which the conclusion is ostensibly proved, but in actuality it or its equivalent has been assumed as

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"towers can be circular in forms."

"stems can be circular in sections."

"orbits can be circular of radii."

"lakes can be circular in shapes."

"holes can be circular with things."

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Late Middle English: from Old French circulier, from late Latin circularis, from Latin circulus ‘small ring’ (see circle).