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(of a route or journey) longer than the most direct way.
  1. figurative 'a circuitous line of reasoning'
  2. 'I must apologise for the circuitous route that my thoughts have taken this week.'
  3. 'To reach the Sibneft wells, you have to travel a circuitous route.'
  4. 'While commuters have to take a more circuitous route, it eases traffic congestion and flow.'
  5. 'And then he came home and wrote about his circuitous journey.'
  6. 'One has to remember that pedestrians do not have the time or stamina for unnecessarily circuitous routes.'
  7. 'This preliminary question is best approached by a circuitous route.'
  8. 'Traffic was not allowed and commuters had to take circuitous routes.'
  9. 'A walk through Bootham Park offers a circuitous route into York, keeping well away from the noise and fumes of Gillygate.'
  10. 'To send equipment from one important supply depot to the other involved taking an impossibly circuitous route.'
  11. 'Walkers follow a circuitous route which leads along the gravel pathway through the centre of the historic Curragh racecourse.'


1. roundabout; not direct: a circuitous route; a circuitous argument.

More examples(as adjective)

"lines can be circuitous of places."

"routes can be circuitous."

"journeys can be circuitous."

"years can be circuitous."

"voyages can be circuitous."

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Mid 17th century: from medieval Latin circuitosus, from circuitus ‘a way around’ (see circuit).