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Relating to the cinema.
  1. 'It is a moving cinematic experience that is also filled with comic touches and genuine human emotions.'
  2. 'If anything I think that speaks as a testament to the power of the cinematic medium.'
  3. 'It is, perhaps, an appropriate time to release a cinematic biopic on the life of Alfred Kinsey at the moment.'
  4. 'There are scenes of cinematic perfection that steal your heart away.'
  5. 'It might be worth a second viewing just to catch all of the cinematic trickery employed.'
  6. 'His sporadic cinematic output has been combined with fierce public attacks on the general media situation.'
  7. 'Once a cinematic darling, Woody Allen has tested his fan base over the past decade.'
  8. 'In the history of cinematic sex scenes, this must be the most embarrassing.'
  9. 'The year's cinematic output had everything to do with the complex cultural climate.'
  10. 'It was Surrealist Luis Buñuel who first introduced Sade into the cinematic realm.'
  11. 'the cinematic feel of their video'
  12. 'If Caravaggio were alive today, he would have loved the cinema; his paintings have a cinematic quality.'
  13. 'I was going for a more cinematic feel and I think people associate that with American style.'
  14. 'One needn't actually play the games to appreciate their cinematic qualities.'
  15. 'The film was unexpectedly cinematic, lending a savage beauty to the east Midlands suburbs where it was set.'
  16. 'For in this French film Jaoui gives us not a stylised cinematic vision of life but a sketch of it in all its banality.'
  17. 'His videos are not really cinematic; they are a series of contact sheets come to life.'
  18. 'The film has a romance that makes it a cinematic experience amid some tough subject matter.'
  19. 'The cinematic look of the film deserves commendation alone and the director is a talent to look out for.'


1. Chiefly British. motion picture.

2. the cinema, motion pictures collectively, as an art.

3. Chiefly British. a motion-picture theater.

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"works can be cinematic."

"versions can be cinematic."

"styles can be cinematic."

"significations can be cinematic."

"representations can be cinematic."

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