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An alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice.
  1. count noun 'English-style ciders'
  2. 'Medium sweet cider is full bodied but refreshing and light and is great with fruit and cheese.'
  3. 'Beer, lager and cider were the most popular drinks but there was a sharp increase in alcopops drinkers.'
  4. 'Beer, lager, cider and spirits were confiscated from the group and letters have been sent to their parents.'
  5. 'Held in Victoria Hall, the festival will feature 110 beers and cask ales, including beers from Germany, Belgium, America and Ireland, as well as ciders and fruit wines.'
  6. 'On the night in question, it is claimed that vodka, cider and an alcopop were on offer to youngsters.'
  7. 'He blamed his actions on being drunk on cider and lager.'
  8. 'The money was reserved for sweet cider and ran out on Day Two.'
  9. 'Tasmania is setting up a specialty fruit wine association to promote the production of meads, ciders, pure fruit wines and liqueurs.'
  10. 'Revellers relaxed in a tent outside the club, drinking beer and cider and tucking into pig roast.'
  11. 'Mr Williams said Luke had drunk brandy, cider and taken cannabis before he smashed a window in the house.'
  12. 'Hotaru also brought apple cider, peeled and sliced oranges, and an apple for Aqua.'
  13. 'Non-alcoholic selections include fresh fruit drinks and frozen drinks blended with ice, teas, hot chocolate and cold apple cider.'
  14. 'The baby shower was Sunday afternoon, and the cheesecake and apple cider were overflowing.'
  15. 'Pierce was drinking hot cider when she said that and he literally almost choked on it hearing what she said.'
  16. 'Make sure you have some snacks and fresh apple cider for your guests as soon as they arrive.'
  17. 'Complimentary cookies, coffee and apple cider will be served throughout the day.'

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1. the juice pressed from apples (or formerly from some other fruit) used for drinking, either before fermentation (sweet cider) or after fermentation (hard cider) or for making applejack, vinegar, etc.

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"presses can be cider."


Middle English: from Old French sidre, via ecclesiastical Latin from ecclesiastical Greek sikera, from Hebrew šēḵār ‘strong drink’.