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Relating to the Christian Church; ecclesiastical.
  1. 'an exquisite album of churchly, ambient songs'
  2. 'He has wanted to lead theology out of what he perceived as its post-World War II isolationist occupation with purely churchly questions.'
  3. 'Our own churchly figurehead stands head and shoulders above most of his ecclesiastical contemporaries and many senior politicians.'
  4. 'Unlike his brothers, he was a freelance artist with no churchly sinecure to guarantee him income.'
  5. 'His writing turns surprisingly dry and stiff, describing confessional theology essentially as a debating tournament about churchly forms.'
  6. 'One of the most interesting puzzles in the sociology of religion is why Americans are so much more religious as well as more churchly than Europeans.'
  7. 'Those of us who appeal to biblical or churchly authority would do well to admit the ways in which our formulations of these appeals differ from our premodern forebears.'
  8. 'Once I do get to leave the day job, I usually head to the church job, or do churchly duties at home.'


1. of or appropriate for the church or a church; ecclesiastical: churchly vestments.

More examples(as adjective)

"behaviours can be churchly."


Old English circlic, cyrclic, from church.