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A foolish or easily deceived person.
  1. 'Sometimes I feel like a chump driving a car, especially in a big city with decent public transport.'
  2. 'Some people might say Herman's a chump who deserves whatever ill treatment he gets, but he is clearly the more sympathetic figure in the film.'
  3. 'Nowadays, even over-rated chumps are earning close to six figures every single week.'
  4. 'Without luck, even the most prepared, determined and talented athlete threatens to become something for which only boxers have, thus far, coined a phrase: a champ in the gym, a chump in the ring.'
  5. 'But he made it sound like I'm just some chump who doesn't know how to play.'
  6. 'You really think that these chumps can outdo me?'
  7. 'There is a fine line between being Churchill and being a chump, and we'll let history decide who you are.'
  8. 'This guy appears on BBC news and explains economics to chumps like you and me.'
  9. 'This is a bold and dynamic role Kaufman has written for himself: the hero as chump, and chump as hero, hunched miserably over his typewriter.'
  10. 'But as the Times reports today, the silly chumps now realise this might not have been too clever.'
  11. 'Being the poor chump who now lives in their former premises, I suspect that this won't be the last I hear of all this.'
The thick end of something, especially a loin of lamb or mutton.
  1. 'The chump of lamb and Scottish sirloin are commendable, and there is a wide range of vegetarian options.'
  2. 'And in a way I want to make my language as mimetic as possible, as sensual as possible, so that you can feel the treetops, taste the lamb chump chops, and hear the wind and the sound of the surf beating on the beach.'
  3. 'Among the English classics will be steak and kidney pudding, lamb chump chops, topside of beef, bangers and mash, and fish, chips and peas.'
  4. 'The attention to culinary detail has already won the head chef national renown for a menu which includes chump of lamb with fondant potato, wild mushrooms and lentil jus, and vegetarian polenta, mushroom and artichoke ragout.'
  5. 'The Big Man, although a bit miffed that I'd bagged the prawns, opted for roast fig and prosciutto salad with pecorino and mizuna, and then the chump of lamb with colcanon and thyme jus.'

More definitions

1. Informal. a stupid person; dolt: Don't be a chump—she's kidding you along.

2. a short, thick piece of wood.

3. the thick, blunt end of anything.

4. Slang. the head. Idioms

5. off one's chump, British Slang. crazy.

More examples(as adjective)

"changes can be chump."


(chump)Early 18th century (in the sense ‘thick lump of wood’): probably a blend of chunk and lump or stump.


off one's chump