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  1. 'The comparative newness of the contaminated land regime and the complexity involved in the process means local authorities are not in a position to give a categoric view or opinion.'
  2. 'In a dark day for Labour campaign strategists, the one bright moment for No 10 was that Gordon Brown leapt to Mr Blair's defence and delivered a lucid and categoric defence of his old comrade.'


1. without exceptions or conditions; absolute; unqualified and unconditional: a categorical denial.

2. Logic. (of a proposition) analyzable into a subject and an attribute related by a copula, as in the proposition “All humans are mortal.”. (of a syllogism) having categorical propositions as premises.

3. of, relating to, or in a category.

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"people can be categoric in chapters."

"conditions can be categoric."

"people can be categoric."

"people/places/organizations can be categoric."

"assurances can be categoric."

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