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Relating to religious instruction given in preparation for Christian baptism or confirmation.
  1. 'These ministries have been related to liturgical, pastoral, catechetical, teaching, missionary, and social tasks.'
  2. 'Those seeking an excellent introduction either to the thought of the mature Augustine or those needing material for catechetical instruction in the parish would do well to consult this timeless classic.'
  3. 'In catechesis, this meant helping them learn the basic doctrines and practices of the faith through an intensive program of catechetical instruction.'
  4. 'The various types of traditions were often related by scholars to the diverse needs of the early church - to missionary preaching, to catechetical instruction, to debate with opponents, or to worship.'
  5. 'Perhaps Wood insists on finding such an explicit blueprint for Christian life in Tolkien's book because his primary intention is catechetical, but I suspect such an approach is counterproductive even in this sphere.'
  6. 'Martin of Tours, founder of the first monastery in Gaul, was at the time of the following story a soldier in the Roman army who had become enamoured of Christianity and entered catechetical training.'
  7. 'The church's catechetical instruction takes many forms, but the most succinct statement of Christian belief, often the primary basis for catechesis, is the Nicene-Constantinopolitan creed.'
  8. 'We won't have a theological culture schooled in the basics, a catechetical renewal, until the church decides to pay for it.'
  9. 'I believe that Anglican Diversity is a strong book for adult catechetical instruction and discussion.'
  10. 'The list of passages these men produced were sent to some one hundred catechetical experts or pastors who responded with twenty-five hundred slips that were then classified.'
  11. 'He is the author of the popular catechetical work, ‘Why Do Catholics Genuflect?’'
  12. 'They rightly insist that the university is not a catechetical school and they are not propagandists.'
  13. 'Stories come first, then theological and catechetical systematization, which in turn enable us to critique the stories.'
  14. 'Herbert's method in both works is catechetical and didactic.'
  15. 'MacCulloch further claims that in the wake of Protestant catechetical efforts, ‘Roman Catholics followed suit,’ even though catechisms and catechetical instruction preceded the Reformation.'


1. of or relating to catechesis.

2. pertaining to teaching by question and answer.

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"programmes can be catechetical."

"instructions can be catechetical."

"institutes can be catechetical."

"sessions can be catechetical."

"schools can be catechetical."

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Early 17th century: from ecclesiastical Greek katēkhētikos, from katēkhētēs ‘catechist’, from katēkhein ‘instruct orally’ (see catechize).