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Each of a set of small swivelling wheels fixed to the legs or base of a heavy piece of furniture so that it can be moved easily.
  1. 'The desk, which is mounted on castors, has a working area that can easily hold a monitor and various accessories, while its features include a pullout keyboard shelf with swivel mouse support, a printer shelf and plenty of storage space.'
  2. 'Easy to erect and reconfigure, some of the tables are provided with castors so that they can be shifted to create meeting places, group workspaces and individual desks.'
  3. 'Other surprises in the building are the series of exhibition trucks which are mounted on castors.'
  4. 'The chair has four legs, pedestal or swivel base with castors.'
  5. 'The chair's support, frame and castors are made from die-cast aluminium, while the finish comes in either polished or stove-enamelled aluminium in a choice of black, bright silver or anthracite.'
  6. 'The turned tapering legs with carved upper sections and brass toes and castors are again typical of the William IV or early Victorian period.'
  7. 'You install the castor wheels with 4 screws each - I put the locking ones at the front for easy access to the lock tab.'
A small container with holes in the top, especially one used for sprinkling sugar or pepper.

    proper noun

    The twin brother of Pollux.
      The second-brightest star in the constellation Gemini, close to Pollux. It is a multiple star system, the three components visible in a moderate telescope being close binaries.

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        1. Also, castoreum. a brownish, unctuous substance with a strong, penetrating odor, secreted by certain glands in the groin of the beaver, used in medicine and perfumery.

        2. a hat made of beaver or rabbit fur.

        3. a heavy woolen cloth used mainly for coats.

        4. a beaver.

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        "prices can be castor."

        "oils can be castor."

        "futures can be castor."

        "trades can be castor."

        "markets can be castor."

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        (castor)Late 17th century (in castor (sense 2 of the noun)): originally a variant of caster, in the general sense ‘something that casts’.