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An object made by pouring molten metal or other material into a mould.
  1. 'The Krishna theme is conveyed through the medium of woodcarvings, metal castings and ivory carvings.'
  2. 'His scrapers are similarly of delicate and elegant construction with bronze castings, some incised.'
  3. 'Some elements of the structure have been totally recast and some new castings were made by taking dimensions from the Westbourne Avenue fountain.'
  4. 'Mechanical properties of permanent mold castings can be further improved by heat treatment.'
  5. 'Some of these steels, as well as other, similar steels, are produced as forgings or castings.'
  6. 'Michelozzo was responsible for the architectural design and also helped to make the bronze castings for parts of the pulpit.'
  7. 'For thousands of years, in fact, foundry workers have made bronze castings of clay models made by sculptors.'
  8. 'Most manufacturers will also use solid brass castings, screws and bolts in the construction of their furniture.'
  9. 'Glass panels hung beneath the diagonal grid are point fixed by spider castings and silicon sealed.'
  10. 'His work ranges from busts to monumental castings commissioned by civic, church, or corporate clients.'
  11. 'The fuel contents are mixed in 600 gallon bowls, then poured into castings to form a solid.'

More definitions

1. the act or process of a person or thing that casts.

2. something cast; any article that has been cast in a mold.

3. the act or process of choosing actors to play the various roles in a theatrical production, motion picture, etc.

4. the act or skill of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel: I'll have to improve my casting if I'm ever going to learn to fish well.

5. Zoology. cast (def 62).

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"shadows can be casting."

"doubts can be casting."

"glances can be casting."

"pieces can be casting."

"patches can be casting."

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