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Each of the hereditary classes of Hindu society, distinguished by relative degrees of ritual purity or pollution and of social status.
  1. mass noun 'a man of high caste'
  2. 'Those boarding the crowded bus constitute a cross section of Indian life - Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, higher and lower castes, middle class and poor.'
  3. 'The higher Hindu castes usually cremate their dead.'
  4. 'This led him to insist that as long as the Dalits and other low castes remained within the Hindu fold, they would continue to suffer.'
  5. 'Because if you are only born a Hindu, then obviously you are born into a caste.'
  6. 'The lower status service castes are associated with hereditary crafts such as mat weaving, jewelry making, and clothes washing.'
  7. 'All three villages have a mixed population of Hindus of different castes.'
  8. 'Hindus of many castes and sects and from many parts of India have migrated, taking with them traditions that were familiar to them back home.'
  9. 'Traditionally there are four castes in the Hindu religion, the fifth section of society being the untouchables, so lowly they are considered outside the caste system.'
  10. 'It is only on the level of the third, the Vaishya caste, that life is devoted primarily to the ideology of wealth.'
  11. 'Hindu religious theory justifies the division of society into castes, with the unavoidable differences in status and the differential access to power each one has.'
  12. as modifier 'the caste system'
  13. 'Historically, the society was divided along caste and color lines.'
  14. 'Mauritanian society is strictly divided into a rigid caste system that flies in the face of the country's supposed march towards political liberalisation.'
  15. 'For another, the hierarchical, non-democratic, caste systems of childhood have nothing in common with contemporary political credos.'
  16. 'The more pressing question, in fact, seems to be not whether, but how certain interracial spaces managed to survive within the racial caste system.'
  17. 'He added that the deeply entrenched caste system meant it was almost impossible for people of lower castes to assume any position of power.'
  18. 'This caste system consists of three major parts within a colony.'
  19. 'For instance, in the lower caste systems within India, is expected that children will perform manual labour to help repay family debt.'
  20. 'Most are from among the Untouchables in the now outlawed caste system, and regard it as their duty to pay off their parents' debts.'
  21. 'To do otherwise is to lock our society into a type of caste system.'
  22. 'The ideological framework of colonial Spanish America's caste system is familiar.'
  23. 'He insisted that the Soviet bureaucracy was not, as Trotsky had analyzed, a reactionary privileged caste, but rather a new ruling class.'
  24. 'Almost half a century later their privileged lifestyle and their aura of being an exclusive caste still attracted comment.'
  25. 'A republican government does not comfortably coexist with a submerged caste within the population.'
  26. 'And after identifying worker ants in several of the fossils, he believes that ants had already begun to specialize into castes.'
  27. 'The new study also reveals how elements in the genome may influence the development of vastly different honeybee castes, such as queens and workers, from the same genetic material.'
  28. 'Individuals of the worker caste are usually effectively sterile, and reproduction is monopolized by the queen caste.'

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1. Sociology. an endogamous and hereditary social group limited to persons of the same rank, occupation, economic position, etc., and having mores distinguishing it from other such groups. any rigid system of social distinctions.

2. Hinduism. any of the social divisions into which Hindu society is traditionally divided, each caste having its own privileges and limitations, transferred by inheritance from one generation to the next; jati.Compare class (def 13).

3. any class or gro

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Mid 16th century (in the general sense ‘race, breed’): from Spanish and Portuguese casta ‘lineage, race, breed’, feminine of casto ‘pure, unmixed’, from Latin castus ‘chaste’.


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