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A person who has been shipwrecked and stranded in an isolated place.
  1. 'If we were to be castaways on a desert island, these are the goods we would pack by the caseload.'
  2. 'Among them is Riddick, a convicted criminal whom the other castaways put in chains out of fear for what he might do.'
  3. 'Shipwrecked sailors, castaways, and that famous case some time back where a bunch of people were in a plane crash?'
  4. 'Their lives are calm, to put it mildly, until they take in a young Polish castaway, who washes up unconscious on their beach.'
  5. 'Looking for the consolation prize of a seal cull in Carnley Harbour in the Auckland Islands group, Captain Thomas Musgrave and the mate Francois Raynal were accompanied by three other sailors - and soon-to-be castaways.'
  6. 'After surviving their first two years on an uncharted Pacific island, our seven stranded castaways continue to ponder and pine after the day they'll be rescued from their tropic island nest.'
  7. 'The castaways had been isolated so long that it was a miracle they weren't even more dysfunctional.'
  8. 'They also knew that castaways could be dangerous; the survivors of a Portuguese wreck 100 years earlier had horrified the Xhosa by turning to cannibalism.'

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1. a shipwrecked person.

2. anything cast adrift or thrown away.

3. an outcast. adjective

4. cast adrift.

5. thrown away.

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"paradises can be castaway."

"centenials can be castaway."

"sailors can be castaway."

"physicists can be castaway."

"people can be castaway."

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