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A reddish, brownish, or yellowish mineral consisting of tin dioxide. It is the main ore of tin.
  1. 'The cassiterite occurs as pale brown, fine-grained vein fillings and is not of much interest to collectors as specimens.'
  2. 'Arsenopyrite, cassiterite, molybdenite, wolframite, uraninite, and several of the common sulfides have all been observed at various locations.'
  3. 'The dike is characterized by a greater abundance of muscovite than biotite; it also contains columbite-tantalite, cassiterite, beryl, spodumene, lepidolite, montebrasite, pollucite, and tourmaline.'
  4. 'Other important minerals include tin-bearing cassiterite, iron, tin, coal, phosphates, gold, and salt.'
  5. 'The principal mineral resource is cassiterite (a tin ore), but exports are at a standstill since the collapse in world tin prices.'
  6. 'The quartz and albite contain small dark inclusions of cassiterite and columbite-tantalite-group minerals.'
  7. 'The discovery of a pocket of cassiterite here in 1915 created a small flurry of interest in tin; however, further exploration was unproductive.'
  8. 'This covers the tin and fluorite mines of the Bushveld Complex, and there are samples of cassiterite from the Rooiberg mine, fluorite from the Buffalo Fluospar mine, and a smaltite specimen from Buffelsfontein, Groblersdal.'

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1. a brown or black mineral, tin dioxide, SnO 2 , that crystallizes in the tetragonal system; tinstone: the principal ore of tin.

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"deposits can be cassiterite."


Mid 19th century: from Greek kassiteros ‘tin’ + -ite.