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Free from anxiety or responsibility.
  1. 'the carefree days of the holidays'
  2. 'Imagine switching from an easygoing, carefree lifestyle, to an uptight one with no breathing room.'
  3. 'The old ceiling and bar brought back many memories of happy carefree days of yore to those present.'
  4. 'The girl's reply was carefree, as if she was personally invited by the King himself.'
  5. 'She is too beautiful, too happy, and too carefree to be so ill; it doesn't make sense!'
  6. 'Who grew up from being a carefree and fun-loving girl to be the matron of female infanticide.'
  7. 'She looked at him in the picture, admiring how easy going and carefree he seemed.'
  8. 'Seeing her so happy, so carefree when dancing made him feel left out, reconsider why he was living like that.'
  9. 'It was really nice, sunny weather and these songs remind me of a carefree, happy time in my life.'
  10. 'He has been in quite a good mood lately actually, jolly and carefree, just the way I like him.'
  11. 'All her family and many friends wish her good health and happy carefree days for her retirement.'


1. without anxiety or worry.

2. requiring little care: carefree fabrics.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be carefree."

"lives can be carefree."

"days can be carefree."

"ways can be carefree."

"atmospheres can be carefree."

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