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A road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people.
  1. as modifier 'a car crash'
  2. 'The only things that existed were Lucy, me, and the sound of the car wheels on the road.'
  3. 'As dawn approached, police set up checkpoints as part of a plan to ban cars carrying fewer than four people from midtown Manhattan.'
  4. 'The road police examines all cars that come into Moscow and leave it.'
  5. 'The equation is very simple - high powered cars on poor quality roads is not a recipe for success.'
  6. 'Residents of a treacherous road where 13 cars have crashed into a single home are petitioning to reduce speed in the area.'
  7. 'Police today have warned Ford Focus owners in East Lancashire to be extra vigilant as their cars are being targeted by car thieves.'
  8. 'The city council is flexing its muscles after becoming the first local authority in the north west with the power to tow away cars without valid road tax.'
  9. 'It is necessary to move buses on separate lanes, as the impact of one bus on the road is equivalent to that of four cars.'
  10. 'The highway roads carry cars and trucks from the suburbs into the city.'
  11. 'It is difficult to get to by car, the roads are very crowded and it is not always the best drive.'
  12. 'This morning the Jasper Red Leaf coaches are on the front and our dome car is on the rear.'
  13. 'The brewery receives covered hopper cars of grain, rice, hops, and an occasional car of carbon dioxide.'
  14. 'Twelve tons would have been the maximum capacity for one of these coal cars.'
  15. 'I was also amazed to find that the items from the diner car were not so bad at all!'
  16. 'When No.4 arrived from Cincinnati, three mail storage cars were removed from the train.'
  17. 'Our train consists of six coach class cars, a cafe car, and one business class car.'
  18. 'Amtrak has sold its mail cars and is getting improved dispatching from the Union Pacific Railroad.'
  19. 'he was in the lift when the car stuck'
  20. 'The car-free village of Bettmeralp which is only accessible by a large-car cableway is located in the immediate vicinity of the impressive Aletsch Glacier.'
  21. 'On the 26th of November, the balloon, fitted with its network, and having the car attached to it, was sent away from the hall of the Tuileries.'
  22. 'And then Krishna and Arjuna, seated on the same car (chariot), blew their celestial conches.'
  23. 'Classical Latin poets also used Phoebus as a byname for the sun-god, whence come common references in later European poetry to Phoebus and his car("chariot") as a metaphor for the sun.'

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1. an automobile.

2. a vehicle running on rails, as a streetcar or railroad car.

3. the part of an elevator, balloon, modern airship, etc., that carries the passengers, freight, etc.

4. British Dialect. any wheeled vehicle, as a farm cart or wagon.

5. Literary. a chariot, as of war or triumph.

6. Archaic. cart; carriage.

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(car)Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘wheeled vehicle’): from Old Northern French carre, based on Latin carrum, carrus, of Celtic origin.