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A kind of soft, flat hat without a brim and typically with a peak.
  1. figurative 'her cap of dark hair'
  2. 'Mr Binns said the style of dress worn by those photographed, particularly the flat caps and bow ties, would be in keeping with the late Victorian era when Whitby was well established as a resort.'
  3. 'Most men covered their heads with flat wool caps or skullcaps or turbans in a variety of sizes and colours.'
  4. 'The man was quite tall and he and the woman were both wearing jeans, wellington boots and flat caps.'
  5. 'For the cricket lover, there is no sight to compare with that of two middle-aged men, wearing lab coats and flat caps, coming down the pavilion steps with measured tread.'
  6. 'Disillusioned dairy farmers in Yorkshire could soon be turning cowboys and switching their flat caps for Stetsons if they take up an offer to relocate to South Dakota.'
  7. 'He is the old bloke with the flat cap and the transistor radio, isn't he?'
  8. 'I get back to Lancashire quite a bit - my family's still there - and I don't think I've seen anybody in a flat cap up there since about 1975.'
  9. 'Rochdale bobbies on the beat switched to flat caps four years ago but continued to wear helmets at ceremonies.'
  10. 'This simple item could be opened and worn on the head, creating a three-dimensional cap out of flat strips alternating with empty spaces.'
  11. 'a shower cap'
  12. 'Men often wear a long white robe called a jallabiyah, with either a small cap or a turban as a head covering.'
  13. 'The main beach, on the other hand, is a huge sweep of golden sand that attract hundreds of day trippers and is patrolled by lifesavers in distinctive red and yellow caps.'
  14. 'Cover head in plastic cap or plastic wrap and cover with a warm towel.'
  15. 'Johnny is going to have to do a hell of a lot more than put on a ski cap in order to get you off, you know!'
  16. 'Opened in November 2001, it's run by two brothers with similar close-cut reddish beards, ethnic clothes and close-fitting caps.'
  17. 'If you can get your hands on a vintage hair dryer - the kind you find in thrift stores that look like a shower cap stuffed into a round suitcase, you won't regret it.'
  18. 'The clothing line will include running and cycling shorts, shimmels, caps and swimsuits in technical fabrics that breathe and wick away moisture.'
  19. 'I hugged both of my parents before securing my black back over my shoulder, pulling my newsboy cap lower over my face and hurrying to my gate.'
  20. 'They rode sturdy Mongolian ponies, wore distinctive fur caps, and carried sabers, pistols, and rifles.'
  21. 'Protheroe, in padded dressing gown and tasseled cap, laughed and rose to greet his friend.'
  22. 'he has won three caps for Scotland'
  23. 'There is plenty of experience, too - most of the team have over 50 caps.'
  24. 'Although his career has been interrupted by various injuries he won five international caps and is an Australian tourist.'
  25. 'Ian Botham won 103 Test caps for England, taking 383 wickets and scoring 5,200 runs with an average of 33.54.'
  26. 'Former England coach Hoddle brought Le Tissier into the national side to win his eighth cap at home to Italy for a World Cup qualifier in February 1997 but he has never been picked since.'
  27. 'A former Leeds Met student, Mr McGeechan won 32 caps for Scotland before coaching the national team and the British Lions.'
  28. 'Of the nine keepers to have had more than 20 national caps, four are known by their surnames and four by their first names.'
  29. 'The Cameroon midfielder, who joins international teammate Lucien Mettomo at Maine Road, has had an eventful career since winning his first cap at 17.'
  30. 'Bobic, who has 19 German caps, has signed a loan deal from Borussia Dortmund until the end of the season with a view to its becoming permanent.'
  31. 'The former AC Milan star was a fixture on the Italian national team for nearly a decade, earning 64 caps and appearing in two World Cups.'
  32. 'Since bursting on to the scene with Ajax, Davids has played in four Champions League finals, winning with the Dutch team in 1995, and has won 73 caps for his country.'
  33. 'The other Watsonians back to impress was full back Nash, a Scotland under-19 cap last season and a player with impressive speed.'
  34. 'It gives them a motivation to become a national cap and an international Test cricketer.'
  35. 'The current crop is short on caps and confidence, with many areas of weakness for the Irish to exploit.'
  36. 'He and his dad Terry will be paired up as change bowlers, with the attack expected to be opened by two new caps, Paul Hart of Spring View and Steve Holt of Clifton.'
  37. 'school-leavers in cap and gown'
  38. 'Success in that final exam ensures that their parents' dream, which by now should also be their own, of a cap and gown clad university graduate is within grasp.'
  39. 'The caps, gowns, and diplomas may look the same, but the groves of academe have changed radically over the past quarter century.'
  40. 'The graduates were well attired for the occasion, with coloured convocation robes, inner suit and the flat cap completing the ensemble.'
  41. 'She brought with her the mortarboard cap that she had worn at her graduation.'
  42. 'But in field after field, paper journals are becoming like academic caps and gowns, a purely ceremonial relict of an obsolete culture.'
  43. 'Your proud high school graduate has gone from caps and gowns to the fast-paced, challenging world of summer jobs.'
  44. 'Males and females look the same, with white chins extending up just below the eyes and gray-brown caps.'
  45. 'Females have gray caps and a slightly lighter rufous color on the undersides.'
  46. 'Light morphs have brown upperparts with a blackish cap and white collar, white underparts, and yellowish sides of the neck.'
  47. 'The adult in non-breeding plumage is similar, but with a white forehead that darkens to streaky black, as if the cap has receded.'
  48. 'The crane has light to dark blue-gray plumage and a crimson cap at the back of its crown.'
A protective lid or cover for an object such as a bottle, the point of a pen, or a camera lens.
  1. 'a lens cap from a camera'
  2. 'I mean, if my cat can be happy batting around a bottle cap, surely I can find something to be happy about too.'
  3. 'This includes bottle caps, tin covers or aluminum foil - these are some of the items service technicians commonly find in clogged or broken disposals.'
  4. 'Nic and I were only trying to use our side of the doorknob to get the caps off two bottles of Heineken.'
  5. 'I opened my notebook and picked up my favourite black pen, and tapped the cap against my teeth, thinking about what I wanted to write.'
  6. 'The ingredients were on the bottle cap, which everyone tossed away.'
  7. 'A museum in its Shunde headquarters displays a few plastic bottle caps along with a small, rusting electric fan that looks like a relic from the bottom of the sea.'
  8. 'Garbage had to be sorted out - plastic bags, lids, bottle caps, etc.'
  9. 'First they collected bottle caps, beer mats and can rings.'
  10. 'Plastic jugs and bottles can be placed in the bins marked for glass, and for both plastic and glass, it is good to rinse out the bottles and remove the caps.'
  11. 'She pointedly puts the cap on her camera lens and walks with him.'
  12. 'Her whole jaw was bruised, her cap for her tooth cost £404.'
An upper limit imposed on spending or borrowing.
  1. 'He promises to impose spending caps and offset spending increases with mandatory spending cuts or tax increases.'
  2. 'To achieve this, the survey promised to raise caps on foreign direct investment and open up more sectors to global capital.'
  3. 'He was omitted because of the cap on team strengths in the competition, but will ride tomorrow in what looks a lost cause against the champions.'
  4. 'The best solution I can think of is the wage cap which operates in Rugby League.'
  5. 'Failing to negotiate a cap on investors' legal fees could leave you with a huge bill.'
  6. 'This time around, spending caps may not be enough.'
  7. 'He was complaining about the absence of a cap in campaign spending before the formal election period, even though it was his party that exploited this loophole prior to the last election.'
  8. 'In the hope of ending speculation about the rising cost of the project Magahy proposed in May 2001 that a cap be imposed.'
  9. 'The package here offers students no up-front fees, loan forgiveness at 25 years, no real rate of interest, a generous grant and bursary system and a cap on the fee itself.'
  10. 'Disney agreed to raise the caps on pension benefits and put a limit on yearly hikes in health benefits that are deducted on a weekly basis from paychecks.'
A contraceptive diaphragm.
  1. 'Barrier methods of contraception include diaphragms, condoms and cervical caps.'
  2. 'Find out from this factsheet by the fpa how contraceptive diaphragms and caps work, how effective they are at preventing pregnancy and their advantages and disadvantages.'
  3. 'HIV positive women can use diaphragms and cervical caps for birth control, with spermicidal cream or jelly.'
  4. 'In the first instance the cap or diaphragm needs to be fitted by a doctor or family planning nurse, to make sure it's the right size and is positioned correctly.'
  5. 'The cap or diaphragm had been developed in the 1880's but its availability had been very much limited as people were kept in the dark as to its very existence.'
  6. 'Some couples find a diaphragm or cap to be an intrusive method of contraception, because fitting them can interrupt sex if you haven't inserted it beforehand.'
The broad upper part of the fruiting body of most mushrooms and toadstools, at the top of a stem and bearing gills or pores.
  1. 'Larger mushroom caps of course are better and you can be creative with your stuffing choices.'
  2. 'A bird hippocampus sits on top of the brain, rather like a mushroom cap.'
  3. 'The surface of the cap of each fungiform structure is either tangential, or slightly inclined, to the surface of the carapace.'
  4. 'If possible, please show the gills beneath the cap.'
  5. 'When you're buying loose mushrooms, choose those with smooth, unblemished caps, firm gills, and a clean aroma.'
  6. 'Five tall, slender mushrooms with yellow stems and glowing orange caps reach through the decaying foliage toward the sky as ants burrow underground.'
  7. 'In the autumn, they came and gathered mushrooms from the few tree stumps she'd deigned to leave in her garden, mushrooms with caps of white, yellow, brown and even blue.'
  8. 'And at the base of the cerebrum, emerging like the stalk from a mushroom cap, is an elongated structure, the brain stem.'
  1. 'So, before you buy that cap gun or bouncing ball for your child, take some precautions.'


Put a lid or cover on.
  1. 'I capped the pen and put it down, considering whether or not I should just rip up this poem and forget I ever wrote it.'
  2. 'She sighed and capped her pen, setting it on top of her notepad.'
  3. 'The bottles are then capped and placed in the cool cellars of the winery for up to 2 years.'
  4. 'Each bottle was then capped and ready for display.'
  5. 'Bottles are capped with an aluminum foil seal, which is sent through a chute that catches the lip of the bottle.'
  6. 'The men placed toilet bowl cleanser and aluminum foil in a plastic bottle and then capped the bottle before leaving the Lakeland restaurant.'
  7. 'For maximum battery life, it's suggested the gun be worn concealed, and the sight be capped with the provided cover when not in use.'
  8. 'Gabrielle carefully closed The Anthem, stood up as the bell rang, capped her pen and stuck it into her jean pocket.'
  9. 'When I capped the pen and folded the paper R. asked with surprise, ‘You're done?’'
  10. 'A new jumbo monopitch supported by heavy steel trusses caps the building and introduces light through clerestory glazing.'
  11. 'The controversial hole in the ground will be capped with a layer of clay when planning permission runs out in December and landfill operators begin what they call ‘restoration’ of the site.'
  12. 'The plateau surface is mostly capped with resistant sandstone over less resistant shale and limestone layers intermixed with some sandstone layers.'
  13. 'It was a massive eight-sided chamber capped with a dome.'
  14. 'They found the rare element iridium in the thin clay layer that caps the rocks of the Cretaceous era.'
  15. 'The radiocarbon-dated feature that produced the wild rice was located at the bottom of an undisturbed Late Woodland midden that had been capped with a layer of sterile sand.'
  16. 'Reclamation dredging is nearing completion and all reclaimed land will then be capped with a layer of rock, imported from a nearby quarry.'
  17. 'She was a beautiful lilac colour and her tail was luxurious, although not so luxurious as my own, and her long face was capped with two perfectly shaped ears.'
  18. 'They built it not long ago, big and ugly, with a massive sloped roof rising up to the top of the bell tower, which is capped with a fat building-block cross.'
  19. 'As a temporary repair measure, English Heritage had the crater in the centre of the hill packed with polystyrene and capped with a layer of chalk.'
  20. 'his smile revealed perfectly capped teeth'
  21. 'He was short and fat and had next to no hair, several of his teeth were capped with gold.'
  22. 'All but her front incisors are capped with some very red gold, it's either very red gold or it looks coppery.'
  23. 'Coals flashed Marcus a grin, so full of perfectly capped teeth, so taut at the lips, so fleshy at the gum line that for a split second the image of a shark in an expensive wool suit was unavoidable.'
  24. 'Four root treatments had been carried out and a damaged tooth had been capped.'
  25. 'Miss Meters smiled, flashing her chipped teeth, revealing that the two front ones had been capped with bronze.'
  26. 'You finally settle on the pleasant face on the screen - the big hair, bright power suit, capped teeth and colorful talons - blandly reading the news.'
  27. 'It's in a tooth that's capped and had a recent root canal filling.'
  28. 'The scenes that are presumably supposed to depict camaraderie are hilariously forced; three sets of perfectly capped teeth clenched into rictus grins of barely suppressed hatred.'
  29. 'He greeted his opponent's return to action with a snapping inside out kick on the end of a timely upward leap, thus snapping Johnson's head to one side and at last drawing blood from the pierced cavity of a crooked gold capped tooth.'
Provide a fitting climax or conclusion to.
  1. 'Dan Potter will cap a wonderful personal month tomorrow when he is crowned the Knights' Player of the Month for August, as voted for by Evening Press readers.'
  2. 'The Reds, however, were not finished and they capped a memorable afternoon with a fifth try in the final minute when Darren Treacy forced his way over from close range.'
  3. 'The colt's success capped a memorable Epsom meeting which also saw Casual Look win the Oaks, giving trainer Andrew Balding a Classic success in his first season as a trainer.'
  4. 'Instead, his victory capped a memorable night for the Buck family.'
  5. 'York got eight points to cap a fine qualifying season.'
  6. 'Keane capped a memorable 2004 by being named the best breakthrough act, as well as best British album for the brilliant Hopes and Fears.'
  7. 'It capped a memorable first season in charge for Wetheriggs manager Andrew Ridley, his assistant Bob Norman and coach Paul Renwick.'
  8. 'It caps a disappointing 12 months for South Africa in which it also lost its grasp of second place in the ICC Test Championship.'
  9. 'York and District Indoor Bowls club capped a fine season as their men completed a hat-trick of victories in the county leagues, writes Ian Clough.'
  10. 'Yesterday's closing activities capped the end of a week-long, jammed-packed schedule of events.'
  11. 'he prayed no wit would cap his remark with some repartee'
  12. 'Ruth would have felt the need to cap the comment in some way, or qualify it, or even dismiss it out of hand as arrant nonsense.'
  13. 'He caps it all off with the snide dismissal ‘it is not fair to take the children's food and throw it to the dogs.’'
  14. 'Cave's not a lunatic on a killing spree; he's a lovelorn bombmaker, and he caps this cinematic story of devotion with a spirited sing-along.'
  15. 'I would guess that volumes of his poetry are as frequently met with as Buildings of England, and a favourite party game between complete strangers is to cap a quote or say which of his poems you admire most.'
Place a limit or restriction on (prices, expenditure, or borrowing)
  1. 'China agreed in June to cap its future spending on farm subsidies at 8.5 per cent of the value of domestic farm production.'
  2. 'My experience from my other businesses is that you have to cap the price at the level where your competitors are.'
  3. 'The aim is to cap prices on basic commodities such as eggs, vegetables, fruit, rice, canned foods, chicken and other meat products.'
  4. 'One of the most controversial recommendations of the report calls for the government to endorse a package of measures to fundamentally reform the property market by capping the price of development land.'
  5. 'One solution might be to cap claimants' costs at, say, 10% of the compensation recovered unless a good reason was shown for a higher amount.'
  6. 'The potential damage is compounded by new proposals to cap tuition increases, at the very moment that both state support and endowments are plummeting.'
  7. 'The legislation, however, does not place a flat cap on the value of the homestead exemption that an individual can exempt in bankruptcy.'
  8. 'Earlier this year BT announced that it was capping the cost of phone calls for businesses as part of a move to overhaul call tariffs.'
  9. 'There was controversy at the time when the Minister, Michael Lowry, announced he was capping the licence fee at £15 million when commentators estimated it was worth up to £110 million.'
  10. 'They will not be given a free hand to expend their facilities for treating fee paying patients: the percentage of income derived from this source is to be capped.'
Be chosen as a member of a particular sports team, especially a national one.
  1. 'Juan Veron has been capped 36 times by his country, scoring six goals in the process.'
  2. 'Both teams will showcase players who are knocking at the door to Test honours or those who have been capped but are on the fringes of their respective Test teams.'
  3. 'He was capped after just 12 league games for Arsenal and scored a century on his Test debut.'
  4. 'He said the idea of the trials was to give chance to players who were not capped at Under-17 or Under-20 levels.'
  5. 'The man who was extraordinarily never capped by England despite being one of the best central defenders in the country for many years, has built a strong squad at St Andrews which is brimming with quality and top level experience.'
  6. 'He was capped 44 times and captained Scotland when they beat England at Wembley.'
  7. 'The trip to the Far East will be a new experience for the Bromborough lad, who won the MacGregor Trophy last year and was capped against Italy and Scotland.'
  8. 'He was also noticed because he had been capped by England - though that is another story - but, at 21, he was a reluctant conscript.'
  9. 'Meanwhile, SA A will be captained by Lions and Cats flanker Wikus van Heerden and includes 14 players who have been capped for the Springboks.'
  10. 'The international defender, who has played in two World Cup finals and been capped 41 times, comes with plenty of baggage.'
Confer a university degree on.
  1. 'Kate Edger was appointed to teach at Christchurch Girls' High School and at the same time studied for a Master of Arts degree from Canterbury College and was capped in 1882.'
  2. 'To most people it conjures up pictures of a group of revellers calling at a series of pubs and having a drink in each, often after a sports match or in the capping festivities at a University.'

More definitions

1. a close-fitting covering for the head, usually of soft supple material and having no visor or brim.

2. a brimless head covering with a visor, as a baseball cap.

3. mobcap.

4. a headdress denoting rank, occupation, religious order, or the like: a nurse's cap.

5. mortarboard (def 2).

6. Mathematics. the symbol ∩, used to indicate the intersection of two sets.Compare intersection (def 3a).

7. anything resembling or suggestive of a covering for the head in shape, use, or

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"stocks can be cap by places."

"yen can be cap."

"stocks can be cap."

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