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A place with temporary accommodation of huts, tents, or other structures, typically used by soldiers, refugees, or travelling people.
  1. 'The writings of young teenage boys and girls in different refugee camps and occupied towns are the most moving part of the book.'
  2. 'Now, there's a 21st century twist on the Potemkin village: Potemkin refugee camps!'
  3. 'In that misty dawn I rose from our tent in a crowded camp outside the town, with one of the worst hangovers I can recall.'
  4. 'Thousands of local residents face serious health problems in overcrowded refugee camps and temporary shelters.'
  5. 'For example, artillery crewmen could be asked to do a rotation at a POW camp or a refugee camp.'
  6. 'We are not a symbolic representation of war, of a refugee camp, or a shantytown.'
  7. 'Over four million are in refugee camps in neighbouring countries.'
  8. 'Also, the conditions within refugee camps and other aid distribution centers are not conducive to methodical record-keeping.'
  9. 'This is the first time a facility inside the camp was hit since Japanese troops were deployed there in January this year.'
  10. 'There are reports of some voting in refugee camps outside the city.'
  11. 'Facilities in the camp are still extremely basic and another 4 000 returnees live in the town itself.'
  12. 'The system works with youngsters in a variety of settings, including camps, schools, and residential treatment facilities.'
  13. 'The introduction to fencing often occurs in schools, recreation camps and fitness centres in the form of class instruction.'
  14. 'I agreed that she could return to the camp for the holiday period.'
  15. 'The camp offers classes in drama, arts and crafts and storytelling.'
  16. 'I personally think it sucks that they're building camps at some of the spots.'
  17. 'She told me the camp was a vacation resort belonging to her family.'
  18. 'As well as Warminster there are plans to upgrade buildings at camps across the county, including Tidworth, Durrington and Bulford.'
  19. 'Even as a child, during the holidays I would find a way to go on holiday, stay at camps and hotels.'
  20. 'he became the dramatic counselor at camp'
  21. 'But the town centres were busy and most hotels, holiday parks and camps reported a good number of bookings.'
  22. 'Benefits have come in the form of facilities at camps.'
  23. 'The Fun and Activity camps will be held from July 12 to 16 and from July 19 to 23.'
  24. 'Activities like camps and trips cost extra and vary from group to group.'
  25. 'The camp offers classes in drama, arts and crafts and storytelling.'
  26. 'A number of summer camps and their own swim camps took place during the school holidays as well as swimming lessons and Aquafit sessions on Saturdays'
  27. 'The introduction to fencing often occurs in schools, recreation camps and fitness centres in the form of class instruction.'
  28. 'Besides the variety of activities the camps offer, there are friendships and memories to cherish for a lifetime.'
  29. 'Typically, the camps offer a daily programme of activities and events to keep children busy all day.'
  30. 'The group also says these fees are important to help fund its other activities, from writing camps for kids in the Berkshires to readings on Indian reservations.'
  31. 'As well as Warminster there are plans to upgrade buildings at camps across the county, including Tidworth, Durrington and Bulford.'
  32. 'Facilities in the camp are still extremely basic and another 4 000 returnees live in the town itself.'
  33. 'The scouts continue with their activities during the summer and trips and camps are planned.'
  34. 'The camps offer a myriad range of courses covering music, art, dance, karate and more.'
  35. 'He has recently returned from a trip to America to help launch Camp Fiver, a recreational camp for underprivileged children in New York State.'
  36. 'Work hard in school, sample lots of afterschool activities, and find out about summer courses or camps, as well as internship opportunities.'
  37. 'Even as a child, during the holidays I would find a way to go on holiday, stay at camps and hotels.'
  38. 'These residents were reluctant to return to the estate but may have been prepared to move into one of the recreation camps that were eventually set aside for the purpose.'
  39. 'She told me the camp was a vacation resort belonging to her family.'
  40. 'we pitched camp at a fine spot'
  41. 'They rode out of town quickly, avoiding all people and continued riding until they made camp in a dense forest.'
  42. 'We pitched camp about two kilometers out from Mount Crean on the Lashly Glacier.'
  43. 'As we made camp well into our fourth night on the road, I curled up into a little ball, pretending to sleep until I was sure all the others were slumbering.'
  44. 'They hiked for the rest of the day and made camp just before sunset.'
  45. 'They pitched camp in backyards, in the woods or on the beach.'
  46. 'They made camp and watched for more than a week but nothing came.'
  47. 'An acceptable site was eventually arrived at and we pitched camp.'
  48. 'Jahson had cleared up the camp, and no one would ever have known that humans had made camp there.'
  49. 'We had ridden over 22 miles when we finally made camp near Taylorsville on the South Anna River.'
  50. 'She was only a few nights from the monastery when she pitched camp in a desolate swamp.'
  51. 'This comprised an enclosure bounded by a single rampart and ditch on the eastern summit, more or less over the site of the Neolithic camp.'
  52. 'The palace which was built over the site of the Roman camp is likely to have been erected by Cogidubnus, although he may not have lived to see it completed in the late 70s.'
The supporters of a particular party or doctrine regarded collectively.
  1. 'In this regard, the political camps ought to tackle the issue of changing the presidential election system only after they help state affairs run smoothly and efficiently.'
  2. 'The inter-city rivalry between two large camps of supporters will add an edge to what promises to be an enthralling evening.'
  3. 'Supporters of all camps acknowledge the need to attract young people into the party.'
  4. 'Both camps hope that the party can examine itself, and respond to the public's expectation for morally upright officials and improved government efficiency.'
  5. 'Both camps regard nature as a world in which the human being cannot meaningfully participate.'
  6. 'In this regard, the ruling camp should immediately stop interfering in the investigation in view of the law.'
  7. 'In this regard the situation clearly favors the conservative camp.'
  8. 'Scrappiness in both camps was keeping the supporters on the edge of their seats for all the wrong reasons.'
  9. 'While they will surely attempt to show a semblance of unity in the run-up to May's poll, there can be little doubt that tensions between the two camps and their supporters will hit the headlines again soon.'
  10. 'You have different camps in both parties, Kitty.'
A fenced field or enclosed area for grazing.


    Live for a time in a tent, especially while on holiday.
    1. 'Hunters can stay safe by not camping in dry waterways.'
    2. 'With the other soldiers he camped in tents at the racetrack.'
    3. 'We were living in the woods, camping out in tents.'
    4. 'Twenty years ago an enterprising Jack Jackson ran diving holidays from here, his visitors camping in the courtyard of the lighthouse.'
    5. 'I would be camping at Kurow Holiday Park which sits right on the back door step of the mighty Waitaki River.'
    6. 'All I really knew was that we would be camping in a tent.'
    7. '‘We've spent a few holidays camping out there with the girls,’ Frank Karreman says.'
    8. 'I think it's fate that whenever you set up a tent when you go camping, there is always something missing.'
    9. 'It is also estimated that some one-in-three adults have been camping or taken a caravan holiday at some time.'
    10. 'For most of our stay, we camped on the property of a man who hunts to provide meat a couple of times a week for his family.'
    11. 'we camped out for the night in a mission schoolroom'
    12. 'For more than three weeks, villagers have camped out in their village hall demanding the ouster of the mayor and new elections.'
    13. 'We all camped out in the living room, but it was too hot to sleep well.'
    14. 'If the cops camped out at the corner of Spadina and College, they could cover the costs of their salaries by ticketing bike-lane parkers.'
    15. 'Scouts searched two buildings where insurgents have camped out.'
    16. 'Wellwishers began gathering in force in the centre of Windsor shortly after dawn, adding to the small but hardy band that camped out on pavements overnight to ensure a good view of the Guildhall.'
    17. 'And of course, there are dozen of reporters camped out right here in front of the federal prison.'
    18. 'When the tickets went on sale last March they sold out in two hours, leaving an number of fans who had camped out overnight angry their efforts were in vain.'
    19. 'Travellers who camped out at St Michael's Hospital claimed they were treated unfairly by residents, before they moved off the site.'
    20. 'On the first night, over 40 tents are set up and homeless and poor people spend the night camped out in the park.'
    21. 'To research the book, Waters camped out in the Imperial War Museum near her flat.'
    22. 'Kain's men had camped outside the syndicate building, waiting for their boss to return.'
    23. 'Poor old Amelia Morris had the press camping round the clock on the front lawn of her suburban home.'
    24. 'For the remaining minutes Banbridge camped on the Naas line and tried everything they knew to breach the Naas defence.'
    25. 'The press camped outside his house.'
    (of livestock) assemble together for rest.
      Divide (land) and enclose with fences.


        (of a man or his manner) ostentatiously and extravagantly effeminate.
        1. 'I've known some very camp gay men through friends and they can be a real laugh to be with if you don't get strung up on your own sexuality when you are in their world.'
        2. 'This would make a sad camp man with a receding hairline the ultimate in coolness.'
        3. 'Rosenthal, for all his camp flamboyance at the Alternative Miss World, is married to a curator at the Prado museum in Madrid and has two daughters.'
        4. 'So far the woman has voted off four blokes - all of whom have been quite camp - and only one of them has turned out to be gay.'
        5. 'I don't if that the fact that all my gay friends are watching it says something about the demographic of the event's appeal or the fact that I just know a lot of camp gay men.'
        6. 'the movie seems more camp than shocking or gruesome'
        7. 'Before every number, Stipe ripped a sheet of paper from a pad with camp theatrical flourish.'
        8. 'Mother Clap's Molly House is a camp spectacle reminiscent of music hall and it has some shockingly funny one liners.'
        9. 'The troupe is led by an extremely camp performer in the Stuart Wagstaff mould.'
        10. 'She covers this with deft skill and a versatile voice that can sweetly caress or swoop with camp theatrical grandeur.'
        11. 'But the camp performer always knows that he is being sentimental and enjoys the indulgence.'
        12. 'These shows are some distance from either the cheeky chappy style which made Paul Daniels a star, or the camp melodrama of American David Copperfield.'


        Deliberately exaggerated and theatrical behaviour or style.
        1. 'It's all a far cry from the formality and overblown camp of Sketch.'
        2. 'It wears its queerness like a flashy Dolce and Gabbana blouse, with style and humor and camp - but an intentional lack of tragedy.'
        3. 'It is a dazzling performance layered with more than a hint of theatrical camp.'
        4. 'What's amazing about director Leonard Kastle's style is his ability to leap between camp and genuine moments of terror during the murder scenes.'


        (of a man) behave in an ostentatiously effeminate way.
        1. 'It was just wonderful, because he was camping it up, that's all.'
        2. 'Some camped it up, some got sleazy, others sat very far back in their cushions paralysed with fear.'


        1. a place where an army or other group of persons or an individual is lodged in a tent or tents or other temporary means of shelter.

        2. such tents or shelters collectively: The regiment transported its camp in trucks.

        3. the persons so sheltered: The camp slept through the storm.

        4. the act of camping out: Camp is far more pleasant in summer than in winter.

        5. any temporary structure, as a tent or cabin, used on an outing or vacation.

        6. a group of troops, workers, etc., cam

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        (camp)Early 20th century: of unknown origin.


        break camp