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Give (a baby or animal) a specified name.
  1. 'When my husband and I were first married we had a cat we called Wanda.'
  2. 'After being stunned by the spring flowers she saw in the park while she was pregnant, she decided to call her daughter Bluebell.'
  3. 'Morel gives birth to their third child, whom she calls Paul.'
  4. 'The winning name was provided by John from New Norfolk who suggested calling the bird ‘Reggie’.'
  5. 'a book called Street Life in London'
  6. 'His last book was called, "The Death of Outrage."'
  7. 'Performance poetry of this kind is called dub poetry.'
  8. 'The other piece of equipment is a device called a hydrometer, which measures alcoholic strength.'
  9. 'The two gentlemen of Verona are best friends called Valentine and Proteus.'
  10. 'I did write an article for the Pleasantville High School newspaper, which I think was called The Panther.'
  11. 'In the mid-1700s, when it was first recognized in sheep, the disease was called scrapie, because suffering animals tended to rub their skins raw.'
  12. 'The criteria that SRI funds use to make socially responsible investments are called screens.'
  13. 'It was not until 1978 that individuals in the United States started showing signs of what would later be called AIDS.'
  14. 'Perhaps the most well known type of Venezuelan music is a rhythm called the joropo.'
  15. 'please call me Bob'
  16. 'She calls him brother and chastises him for speaking so sternly to her.'
  17. 'She continues, calling me by my first name again… ‘I have a favour to ask you, but am not sure how you will react.’'
  18. 'She and Dennis had talked around the checkout counter and she'd gotten Dennis's last name wrong, calling him Lewis, and it stuck for some reason.'
  19. 'It immediately caught my attention that she had called my mother by her maiden name.'
  20. 'Though Rebekah is my name, everybody calls me Bekah.'
  21. 'The name he calls me is actually not that different from my own.'
  22. 'One of my co-workers still calls me the wrong name almost every time he sees me.'
  23. 'The chancellor of the exchequer calls the prime minister a liar.'
  24. 'He almost never calls me by my name, and when he does it's Nicolas.'
  25. 'Well, my name is Katrina Chestler, but everyone calls me Katie.'
  26. 'U.S. officials are calling this a success.'
  27. 'Since then, he has entered what you might call a rough patch.'
  28. 'Museum officials are calling this the largest cultural project in the city's history.'
  29. 'But a senior U.S. defense official calls the peace plan a face-saving gesture for everybody.'
  30. 'Whether it is what you might call professional misconduct may be another matter.'
  31. 'The Ancient Greeks called that hubris and considered it a flaw of human character.'
  32. 'Call me crazy, but this doesn't seem like a tough question.'
  33. 'Call it crazy but I remember that first time you smiled at me.'
  34. 'I'm not very good at what you might call the real world, the business world.'
  35. '‘Keep up the fight,’ fellow fans urged in their e-mails, calling the boy an inspiration.'
Cry out (a word or words)
  1. 'Meredith was already calling out a greeting'
  2. 'A voice broke through the silence, calling out her name.'
  3. 'I made out the voice of the PA announcer calling out the name of a batter.'
  4. 'Looking around into the darkness she could still hear the voice calling out her name.'
  5. 'She turned to face the ranks behind her and called words she had been waiting to speak for a very long time.'
  6. 'He started screaming his head off, calling out horrible words.'
  7. 'There was banging in the background and angry voices calling out her name.'
  8. 'Madison makes her way out the door, calling goodbye to Robert over her shoulder.'
  9. 'As we followed the hostess to our table, I heard a familiar voice from the kitchen calling out orders.'
  10. 'Jennifer blew kisses to visiting reporters and called out "hi, hi."'
  11. no object 'I distinctly heard you call'
  12. 'As Natalie and I went into the lobby, we heard someone calling us.'
  13. 'We waited in silence and fear for a huge customs agent to call us over.'
  14. 'Estelle drifted off into an uneasy slumber and was awakened sometime during the late night by a low voice calling out to her.'
  15. 'Camped in the hills not far from her own house last summer, she even heard her uncle's voice calling out for her.'
  16. 'Suddenly, a voice was calling out to him, coming from below.'
  17. 'One afternoon in 1999, I was dozing when I heard my maternal grandmother calling me.'
  18. 'The old gal called me over to the director's chair they always had for her on the set.'
  19. 'overhead, a skylark called'
  20. 'Here, the air vibrates with the sound of booming waves and dancing, swooping birds calling to each other through the eddying gusts of Atlantic wind.'
  21. 'As she lies in bed one night, she is overjoyed to hear the monkeys call from the young forest.'
  22. 'The birds all took flight calling in panic and monkeys leapt and ran screaming in every direction.'
  23. 'When you hear a pack of wolves calling, you don't pay attention to anything else.'
  24. 'He enjoyed the way the wind swept over his head and the birds called out in song.'
  25. 'The wolves were calling again, at about 4:45 a.m.'
  26. 'At one exciting moment, several kiwis were calling loudly only a few feet above us on a hillside, but they never came into view.'
  27. 'Parents and kids alike will enjoy the sounds of a crackling campfire at dusk and of birds calling as the sun rises.'
  28. 'The birds kept calling as they shuffled about, and I tried my best to let the sound sink into my brain.'
  29. 'Calling the figures as the dance progressed was not an American invention as is often claimed.'
  30. 'Listen to the music and of course, listen to the leader calling the steps.'
  31. 'her partner called 6♠'
  32. 'So the bidding is won by whoever is prepared to call the lowest card.'
  33. 'Betting then commences in a poker style manner, until the bet has been called.'
  34. 'I call first dibs on the bathroom'
  35. '"I call front seat by the window," he yelled to Simon as they raced toward the car.'
  36. 'Let's go play kickball. I call first up!'
  37. 'When we were picked for the same team, I was quick to call shortstop.'
Contact or attempt to contact (a person or number) by phone.
  1. 'he called her on Monday but her phone was switched off'
  2. 'I think about 90% of the time I know who's calling me when the phone rings.'
  3. 'To avoid giving himself away, he used public telephones and telephones at work to call the old couple.'
  4. 'He just gave us his personal number and we called him when we needed him.'
  5. 'So I had to go find a telephone and call the director so that she would come down and escort me in.'
  6. 'I have never met my father and finally called him on the telephone about two years ago for the first time.'
  7. 'I'll call you back soon.'
  8. 'I miss calling you to hear the latest in your life.'
  9. 'I'll call you tonight via telephone and we can decide where we're eating for dinner.'
  10. 'People, like the man whose apartment didn't have a door, can call the 800 number for help at any time.'
  11. 'I pride myself in either taking the call or calling the person back within an hour.'
  12. 'her husband called an ambulance'
  13. 'The ambulance was called immediately but the police were not aware of the death until 3pm.'
  14. 'Police, who were called in by the ambulance service, said no-one had been arrested.'
  15. 'You can help stamp out damage to our buses by calling Lewisham police if you recognise these two youths.'
  16. 'Around eight police cars were called to one of the drinking establishments to what must have been a major incident.'
  17. 'He attacked his father's car, and police who were called to the scene had to use CS spray to overcome him.'
  18. 'Bessie tells Jane that she fell sick and was crying, and that was why the doctor was called.'
  19. 'He went to a telephone box and called an ambulance.'
  20. 'Students are advised to ‘arrange a lift or call a taxi if possible’ when travelling home in the evening.'
  21. 'The Group Leader called the Ambulance Service who took him to the Hospital.'
  22. 'We called a cab to take us to the club.'
Order or request the attendance of.
  1. 'I got a letter calling me for an interview'
  2. 'Research has shown that people with high Positive Affect were more likely to get called back for second interviews.'
  3. 'If the patients switch physicians, record-keepers send patients simple questionnaires or call them for interviews.'
  4. 'He was called before the committee, and questioned on his motivations for these dismissals.'
  5. 'She picked holes in every article I wrote, and eventually moved me to head office where she could call me in for regular dressings-down.'
  6. 'Investigators called three people before a fact-finding grand jury two weeks ago.'
  7. 'The next workshop will be held on September where educational institutions will be called upon to attend.'
  8. 'four expert witnesses were called'
  9. 'Officials are still deciding which former employees will be called to give evidence.'
  10. 'He is one of up to 18 expert witnesses called to the hearing to support the council's case.'
  11. 'Furthermore, it is rare for such experts to be called to give evidence or for their views to be tested.'
  12. 'Once the parties have responded, witnesses will be called to give evidence at public hearings likely to begin next month.'
  13. 'First of all, it is I, and I alone, who will decide what witnesses will be called.'
  14. 'The defense has one more witness, one more expert witness, to call to the stand on Thursday.'
  15. 'He has not given evidence or called any witnesses on his behalf.'
  16. 'He was a major player in the story put before the court but was not called as a witness.'
  17. 'Where the informant is a witness, then he or she must be called to give evidence.'
  18. 'The Crown then called the two witnesses on whom they had relied at the trial.'
  19. with infinitive 'I think teachers, really good teachers, are called to teach'
  20. 'I believe that God called me to be a Bishop.'
  21. 'I personally find joy in the work I have been called to do.'
  22. 'I was 19 years old when I first heard God calling me to religious life.'
Announce or decide that (an event, especially a meeting, election, or strike) is to happen.
  1. 'he called an emergency meeting to discuss the matter with councillors and residents'
  2. 'Another parish meeting can be called by the mayor, two councillors or six residents.'
  3. 'So we will have to ask the Labour Party when it intends to call the next election.'
  4. 'A week ago a national rail strike was called off at the eleventh hour when the management backed down over pensions.'
  5. 'Griffith had not asked for me at all; he had called a press conference.'
  6. 'Today's political leaders study long and hard which date to call a General Election.'
  7. 'The parish council chairman called a special public meeting on Tuesday night in the hall.'
  8. 'She was called back to Britain from Australia when a general election was called suddenly.'
  9. 'Union leaders called a general strike for tomorrow if the leader was not released.'
  10. 'Postal vote applications can only be made within 17 days after the general election is called.'
  11. 'He lacks the authority to call an ‘extraordinary meeting’ of the member clubs.'
(of a person) pay a brief visit.
  1. 'he had promised Celia he would call in at the clinic'
  2. 'It is not clear if they are worried about the prospect of some of their friends calling in for a visit.'
  3. 'At one point, Karen's neighbour calls by to complain that work on the beach is "bringing all sorts to the area".'
  4. 'On the way home we called in at the bird centre.'
  5. 'The woman let them in, but luckily a male friend called in and distracted the men and they fled empty handed.'
  6. 'He rang her constantly, called round unexpectedly and even entered the house uninvited.'
  7. 'Neighbours called to visit her on a regular basis and she enjoyed their company.'
  8. 'An inspector called round and was shown through the house to the garden where there was a garden area with a shed.'
  9. 'You can call in at our home - you can phone first if you want an appointment.'
  10. 'His old schoolmaster called by and launched into an analysis of American politics.'
  11. 'When his friends call at the house, she says he is sleeping, or in the bathroom, or cannot be disturbed.'
  12. 'the 8.15 service to Paddington, calling at Reading'
  13. 'It calls at Cross Roads, Haworth Brow, Oxenhope and Haworth before returning to Keighley one minute before the hour.'
  14. 'Buses replaced trains from Hayes to Lewisham, calling at all stations along the route except Ladywell.'
  15. 'Buses will run between New Addington and East Croydon, calling at all tram stops to Lloyd Park then non-stop to East Croydon.'
  16. 'This was a much faster route than the line calling at Bradford Exchange, Halifax and Rochdale, among a host of other stations.'
  17. 'The service also calls at Waterloo pier near to the Saatchi Gallery and London Eye, thus providing a direct river link to 3 major art galleries in London.'
  18. 'The coach will leave at 8.00am, calling at Castlebar at 8.25am and will return to Westport at about 7pm.'
  19. 'Services affected include the York to Blackpool North service, which calls at Burnley Manchester Road and Accrington.'
  20. 'A replacement bus service was in operation from 7.30 am calling at all stops between Altrincham and Old Trafford.'
  21. 'Travellers were warned that several South West train services are not calling at certain stations along several routes.'
  22. 'This Saturday and Sunday, engineering work in the Stockport area will prevent trains to and from Manchester Piccadilly from calling at Stockport.'
(of an umpire or other official in a game) pronounce (a ball, stroke, etc.) to be the thing specified.
  1. 'To me, the worst thing in baseball is when the pitcher is scared to throw the ball over the plate, and then the umpire calls it a strike when it's a foot outside!'
  2. 'The umpire called the ball out.'
  3. 'The ball went in and out of the seats in such a way that the umpire called it a double rather than a homer.'
  4. 'And they called bowlers for throwing as soon as the bending and straightening of the arm became obvious to the naked eye.'
  5. 'He would have got called for throwing 50 years ago and they wouldn't have changed the rules for him back then.'
  6. 'in the Midlands the race remains too close to call'
  7. 'With just a few days until Thursday's meeting at the Gresham in Dublin, few analysts are calling the outcome.'
  8. 'Still, analysts call the race dead even.'
  9. 'Your votes are flooding in every day in their hundreds but, with many categories still too close to call, every vote really does count.'
  10. 'The message that the competition between the two is too close to call came over loud and clear.'
  11. 'This election is too close to call.'
  12. 'In 2000, NBC was the first network to predict the result - calling Florida for Al Gore at 1949 EST.'
  13. 'Hats off to you, Miguel, because on May 5 you called it - you said it was a shoo-in.'
  14. 'Well, the networks are going to be calling the race in a much different way this time than they did in 2000.'
  15. 'The current government seems to think they have a mandate to end hunting, yet the issue is too close to call in opinion polls.'
  16. 'Burnley called heads and won the toss'
  17. 'The captain who calls correctly on the toss of a coin will decide whether it's league or union in the first half.'
  18. 'There was even a cheer and a bout of fist-clenching when Burnley called heads and won the toss to decide who went first.'
  19. 'I'm going to toss a coin and ask you to call heads or tails.'
  20. 'Ask the other person to call the coin toss before you toss the coin.'
  21. 'But he never found out about what the best option to call during a toss is.'
Cause (a subroutine) to be executed.
  1. 'A shared library delays the binding of a routine name to its executable function until the routine is first called when your program runs.'
  2. 'To call C routines from a Fortran program, you will have to write some C code.'
  3. 'The connection goes both ways; SISAL can call C and Fortran routines, and C and Fortran can call SISAL routines.'
  4. 'Metadata that is generated establishes a mapping of interface parameters to the routine parameters of the called routine.'

More definitions

1. to cry out in a loud voice; shout: He called her name to see if she was home.

2. to command or request to come; summon: to call a dog; to call a cab; to call a witness.

3. to ask or invite to come: Will you call the family to dinner?

4. to communicate or try to communicate with by telephone: Call me when you arrive.

5. to rouse from sleep, as by a call; waken: Call me at eight o'clock.

6. to read over (a roll or a list) in a loud voice.

7. to conv

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