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Very pale, thin, or bony.
  1. 'When she looked at him again, her face was cadaverous.'
  2. 'But the cadaverous count does not seem happy about the prospect of moving.'
  3. 'You understand why he looked cadaverous long before April 3, 2000, when an assassin cut him down.'
  4. 'One of the lads is looking a bit cadaverous these days.'
  5. 'We fine cadaverous fellows do not share your enthusiasm for the sanctity of life, for obvious reasons.'
  6. 'But a cadaverous light does suffuse her brushy work.'
  7. 'She is skeletally thin, with hollow, cadaverous eyes and cheeks.'
  8. 'When you're about 60, the penalty for remaining rockstar-thin is a cadaverous face and hollow cheeks.'
  9. 'Six foot tall, slim and with a deceptive unassuming air, his blond hair and cadaverous cheek bones say rampant sex drive packaged as boy next door.'
  10. 'Some bouts of serious illness left him with a cadaverous appearance that only enhanced his charisma.'


1. of or like a corpse.

2. pale; ghastly.

3. haggard and thin.

More examples(as adjective)

"sways can be cadaverous."

"moans can be cadaverous."

"faces can be cadaverous."

"appearances can be cadaverous."


Late Middle English: from Latin cadaverosus, from cadaver ‘corpse’.