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The transfer of a competitor directly to the next round of a competition in the absence of an assigned opponent.
  1. 'Some argue it would take away the huge advantage the top four seeds have from byes and home-field advantage.'
  2. 'The top six teams in the field were given byes into the quarter-finals while the bottom four teams must play seeding matches to move on.'
  3. 'If a knock-out solution takes effect, nine teams would get byes through to the second round, where they would meet the winners of seven drawn ties to create a last 16.'
  4. 'All four teams have fresh legs, thanks to first-round byes followed by the pleasure of playing divisional playoff games at home.'
  5. 'But nothing says that only one team must skip the first round - you could also give 3 byes in the first round, which will leave you with 13 teams in the second round, or 5 byes or any other odd number.'
  6. 'In my mind, the road team with the best chance to win is Green Bay, but historically, the week of rest has been a major advantage for teams with byes.'
  7. 'Where's the justice in eliminating more non-league teams in the qualifying rounds than is necessary, only for league clubs to be given byes in the first round proper of the competition?'
  8. 'And as usual, the main ‘race’ threw up a few appetisers, although the holders were one of the four first round byes.'
  9. 'As usual, the four teams who had byes played in the conference title games last year.'
  10. 'The increase to 16 means the end of first-round byes.'
A run scored from a ball that passes the batsman without being hit (recorded as an extra, not credited to the individual batsman).
  1. 'Jones had earlier had a disastrous morning, as he conceded 13 byes before he got down low enough to take the winning catch.'
  2. 'Clark made two stumpings and did not concede many byes, so he may have had a slight grievance.'
One or more holes remaining unplayed after a match has been decided.


    1. 'Bye for now, Janie!'
    2. 'I have decided that I have run out of adjectives or maybe never had any in the first place so bye for now.'
    3. 'Your dad left an hour ago but he told me to tell you bye.'
    4. 'I've just finished recording it in America and can't wait for you to hear it - it won't be long now… bye!'
    5. 'Jerry just kinda stood there, and said, ‘Yeah… well, glad to see everything's good, bye!’'
    6. 'She flew up the stairs and stopped at the door, ‘Nice to meet - thanks for - have a nice evening, bye!’'
    7. 'She smacked my shoulder and I smiled, turned, grabbed my bag and said, ‘Well I gotta be off, bye!’'
    8. 'Dad, you have to be safe, but come back home and have a good time and I'll be taking care of mom and the and I just want to say bye.'
    9. 'When I send email, I always wish it on its way with the little phrase, ‘Wheee, bye!’'
    10. 'He came to spend the weekend with us and we had a nice time; lots of drinks and dinosaurs (of the model variety) and a chance to say bye.'
    11. 'After he said bye, the news lady and I just absolutely lost it.'

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    1. Sports. in a tournament, the preferential status of a player or team not paired with a competitor in an early round and thus automatically advanced to play in the next round: The top three seeded players received byes in the first round.

    2. Golf. the holes of a stipulated course still unplayed after the match is finished.

    3. Cricket. a run made on a ball not struck by the batsman.

    4. something subsidiary, secondary, or out of the way. adjective

    5. by1 . Idiom

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    "loves can be bye."

    "babies can be bye."

    "darlings can be bye."

    "houses can be bye."

    "dears can be bye."

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    (bye)Mid 16th century (denoting a side issue or incidental matter): from by.


    by the bye