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Having a great deal to do.
  1. 'They are well connected, ambitious, dynamic and terrifyingly busy.'
  2. 'By now something of a giant himself, Haynes remains a dynamic performer and busy tourer.'
  3. 'The East Coast resorts reported a good summer season, and, despite the problems, York has enjoyed a busy run-up to Christmas.'
  4. 'The railways are also set to be busy, with special deals for passengers willing to travel off-peak and book in advance.'
  5. 'It seemed easier to avoid and ignore when I had the excuse that school kept me too busy to deal with it.'
  6. 'The Prime Minister is indeed a very busy man, negotiating deals on behalf of Australia and the Australian people.'
  7. 'Bunclody fire service is being kept very busy at the moment dealing with chimney fires, but no tragedies have taken place.'
  8. 'What's wrong with our lives when the season of a boy being born in a manger keeps us too busy to enjoy each other's company.'
  9. 'They know how we won the last one; I kept the real threat busy while Kit dealt with the cannon fodder.'
  10. 'PC Tony Himycz has had a busy time dealing with juvenile nuisance lately.'
  11. 'the team members are busy raising money'
  12. 'They are too busy negotiating film deals in Hollywood and consulting on theatrical adaptations.'
  13. 'The corporate wing of the Democratic Party is busy brokering a back-room deal.'
  14. 'Is it to make up for the things we went without, or is it our guilt about the fact that we are too busy enjoying ourselves to devote time to them?'
  15. 'With only a few days to go to Christmas, everybody is busy getting ready to enjoy this season of peace and goodwill to all men.'
  16. 'They were both unsure of what to say to each other and were mostly busy in dealing with injuries.'
  17. 'You are so busy enjoying them because they are brisk and witty that you fail to notice until much later that the whole thing doesn't add up.'
  18. 'The women on the other boats were usually too busy being harangued to enjoy themselves.'
  19. 'On Sunday, you were just too busy enjoying the sun and hanging with friends to make your meals for the week.'
  20. 'They love their jobs, they take their pets to work, they're young and hip and they're far too busy enjoying their jobs to take holidays.'
  21. 'It was a lazy day and everyone was busy simply enjoying the peace.'
  22. 'I've had a busy day'
  23. 'The Guides and Brownies have enjoyed a busy year and raised funds for the tsunami relief and children overseas.'
  24. 'Castlebar Active Retirement group have been enjoying a very busy and varied schedule over recent months.'
  25. 'It's a busy room, full of warm, bustling bodies, some furry, some not.'
  26. 'I have the same problem with Yahoo - I just find it difficult and mind-threatening to deal with the busy pages.'
  27. 'The thatched bar, nestled in a tiny village of about 12 houses, has already enjoyed a busy year.'
  28. 'He bowed, took a step, and vanished into a busy street full of pedestrians.'
  29. 'Hulse will be the first to put pen to paper but other arrivals are expected and there will be departures too as Blackwell wheels and deals during a busy summer.'
  30. 'A fiercely independent man, he lived at home and enjoyed a busy retirement until shortly before his death.'
  31. 'There is a busy agenda to be dealt with on the night including putting plans in motion for next season and the election of officers and committee.'
  32. 'Keeping a steady presence at busy corners is important, because much of the customer base is not from around here.'
  33. 'I'd tried calling her the night before but the line was busy and I really wanted to clear the air.'
  34. 'Unfortunately, there was one ring and the phone went to voice mail which meant the line was busy.'
  35. 'Then Melvin told me that everyone thought we were dead, so I tried to call you, but the line was busy!'
  36. 'Megan's house was the closest, but when she called, the phone line was busy.'
  37. 'We tried to call but the phone line was busy and we really need you in there today as a guide.'
  38. 'The service has proved hugely popular in previous years, but parents and students are advised to be patient if the lines are busy.'
  39. 'I pick up the phone and dial his number to tell him, but his line is busy.'
  40. 'I tried calling again but the operator lady person said that the line was busy.'
  41. 'Callers to the college complain of an endless cycle of relievers or incessant ringing when all lines are busy.'
  42. 'I tried phoning the house a couple of times, but the line was busy, Billy's sister was probably using it.'
Excessively detailed or decorated.
  1. 'And there are busy purple scarves of names, names that cannot be ignored, that must be reckoned with.'
  2. 'Concerto movements also ended up in cantatas, often with florid parts being added to an already busy original.'
  3. 'Let the color make the statement without using busy patterns and ornamentation.'
  4. 'He opened it, the first page emblazoned with flashy colours and busy patterns.'
  5. 'Furthermore, many Web pages are busy places, full of navigation widgets and data entry fields.'
  6. 'The Photoshop keyboard is a bit busy, but all the major Photoshop functionality is available.'


Keep oneself occupied.
  1. 'As the host nation we have put our best foot forward, busying ourselves with elaborate plans for the arrival of our diverse group of guests.'
  2. 'To pad out the time, many schools are busying themselves with sports days, school shows, prize-givings, and other sundry activities.'
  3. 'He has watched presidents come and go while busying himself for endless hours creating desserts designed to delight and soothe, mend fences and cement alliances.'
  4. 'Silhouettes of women busying themselves in the kitchen are visible in the dimming light.'
  5. 'But for now that must wait while I busy myself with laundry and hoovers and unopened mail.'
  6. 'An eighth of a mile from the lake, we spotted two forest rangers 25 feet up the trail, busying themselves around Gilpin Creek.'
  7. 'I've been busying myself with a complete website make-over.'
  8. 'Well, I have agreed a fee with the buyer and already solicitors are busying themselves passing bits of paper backwards and forwards.'
  9. 'And then both women busied themselves in trying to get through the paperwork involved in less than an hour while Scott went to get the further bits of paper which the occasion demanded.'
  10. 'Some celebrities have stayed at Claridges for the last couple of nights, where they have been busying themselves trying new hairstyles, make-up, diamonds and outfits.'


A police officer.
  1. 'And, when the bizzies sped round to the Close one last time, nobody had seen a thing, honest.'
  2. 'The bizzies took him away because they said he was illegal but they gave me him back after two days.'
  3. 'The bizzies just stick up for them, minute they're there they're around them.'


1. actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime: busy with her work.

2. not at leisure; otherwise engaged: He couldn't see any visitors because he was busy.

3. full of or characterized by activity: a busy life.

4. (of a telephone line) in use by a party or parties and not immediately accessible.

5. officious; meddlesome; prying.

6. ornate, disparate, or clashing in design or colors; cluttered with small, unharmonious details; fussy: The rug is

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"people can be busy in/at/on days."

"options can be busy in/at/on dates."

"people can be busy in/at/on times."

"people can be busy in/at/on mornings."

"people can be busy in/at/on years."

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Old English bisgian (verb), bisig (noun); related to Dutch bezig, of unknown origin.


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