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(of a fire) flame or glow while consuming a material such as coal or wood.
  1. 'In December 1952, a particularly cold spell meant that most people kept their coal fires burning more than usual.'
  2. 'There was a warm fire burning cheerfully nearby, and he could swear there were more voices nearby.'
  3. 'And warning signs include soot stains on or above appliances, coal or wood fires burning slowly or going out and everyone at home feeling ill at the same time.'
  4. 'The fire had burned low while we slept but the embers were still glowing and hot.'
  5. 'As we were rowed back to the Assi Ghat, the boat veered a little towards the shores where the funeral pyres were burning.'
  6. 'If the funeral pyres are still burning by then, you might have little better to do anyway.'
  7. 'There was a bonfire burning in the fire pit and camp chairs set up.'
  8. 'Incredibly, however, many on the council still refused to admit that the whole problem was the hundred acre coal fire merrily burning beneath the town.'
  9. 'Those wet jugs then have to be baked in true kilns, for which you have to keep the fire burning by providing enough wood.'
  10. 'Forest fires burning in the woods outside Moscow have filled the city with smoke.'
  11. 'a light was burning in the hall'
  12. 'As the candles burned, Terry breathed deeply the light scents of vanilla and almond candles.'
  13. 'For as far as you could see, there were candles burning on graves of every size, dotting the hillside with light.'
  14. 'Stars everywhere, glowing and burning bright with a fire so powerful that it couldn't be measured.'
  15. 'The solitary candle burning on the table threw a faint light on her face, yet it was clear that she was very unhappy.'
  16. 'The tomb sits alone in an arched alcove to the right of the main altar of the central nave, a leafy potted lily behind it and a small red candle burning at the front.'
  17. 'Now, the coals of the campfire had burned low and, in the big skillet, rabbit legs and thick bacon rashers spluttered.'
  18. 'Without the flash, the solitary candle burning inside was the source of light, and the photo really shows up the carving and the fact that it is a Halloween pumpkin.'
  19. 'It was still mostly dark, especially under the trees, and candles still burned on the graves from visitors the night before.'
  20. 'Long before electric light came to the Irish countryside it was a heart-warming sight to see the candles burning in the windows on Christmas Eve.'
  21. 'This means that an equivalent size beeswax candle will burn brighter, and for longer, than a paraffin wax one.'
  22. 'It's 6am and Basra is burning, black clouds of oily smoke drifting over the city to the east, the sound of gunfire rolling across the canal.'
  23. 'Border City burned, the magical flames from Uriko's spell spreading out from near its center, engulfing the whole city.'
  24. 'The company were forced to flee the city via the mirror gate as Pain burned.'
  25. 'The city was on the edge of a giant ocean and yet the city burned forever.'
  26. 'The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were burning.'
  27. 'Farms, mining camps, trestles, hobo camps, and whole towns cracked and burned.'
  28. 'Even several localities in Mumbai had remained quiet while rest of the city was burning in 1992-93.'
  29. 'Why wait until our children are dying of smallpox or our cities are burning?'
  30. 'From where she was, it seemed like the whole City was burning.'
  31. 'Yes during the riots when whole Bombay is burning like a firecracker.'
  32. 'a diesel engine converted to burn natural gas'
  33. 'After all, if burning fossil fuels is to blame for global warming, it makes sense to burn less of them.'
  34. 'Most backup diesel generators burn distillate fuel oil, the same fuel used for heating and for aircraft.'
  35. 'Many of the marines were operating at altitudes so high their petrol cigarette lighters did not light in the thin air and it was difficult to use the portable stoves which burn a chemical fuel to heat their food or brew up tea.'
  36. 'France has a great abundance of cheap electricity thanks to their nuclear power stations, whereas our electricity to recycle the glass is produced by burning fossil fuels.'
  37. 'The leading greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.'
  38. 'These estimates are difficult because they rely on complex models and calculations about how a star burns its nuclear fuel and ages.'
  39. 'The second factor is growing awareness of global climate change caused by burning fossil fuels.'
  40. 'They are commonly produced by burning fossil fuels such as driving cars, and smelting and processing metals.'
  41. 'Normally, this is done by burning jet fuel, which is exactly what the new nuclear plane will do when it takes off, climbs and lands.'
  42. 'Meeting the new specifications required a number of technical changes in engine design, primarily in how diesel fuel is burned in the cylinder.'
  43. 'Waelchli also adds that the body loses weight as a system, so it does not matter what type of exercise the client is doing as long as they are active and burning calories.'
  44. 'Ryan was on the swim team at McClure North High School, so he burned those calories right off.'
  45. 'If your body gets used to one exercise, you'll soon quit burning calories - the plateau we know too well.'
  46. 'Once you find a rhythm your body likes, you won't even know you are burning hundreds of calories an hour.'
  47. 'Eating breakfast in the morning jumpstarts your body's ability to burn calories.'
  48. 'When it's underactive, your body burns fewer calories and burns them more slowly, which is why it can affect your ability to lose weight.'
  49. 'My recommendation: buy it, turn up the bass and burn some calories.'
  50. 'Specifically, thyroid hormone helps regulate how many calories your body burns each day.'
  51. 'Regular exercise increases the rate your body burns calories.'
  52. 'If you want to increase your body's ability to burn calories, even while at rest, you need to pack on some lean muscle mass.'
Be or cause to be destroyed by fire.
  1. with object 'he burned all the letters'
  2. 'And they burnt all their cities wherein they dwelt, and all their goodly castles, with fire.'
  3. 'Grams finally got us all in there, and much to my surprise, the walls did not ignite and burn to the ground.'
  4. 'We may have to give up saying, for instance, that a piece of paper is simply destroyed when it is burnt to ashes, or even that a human being simply ceases to exist upon undergoing a fatal accident.'
  5. 'Her claim that she started the fire while burning a letter from her estranged husband has sparked suspicion among prosecutors.'
  6. 'It took just 10 minutes for the second structure to burn to the ground.'
  7. 'One use for negotiations, of course, would be to gain time to launder your money, burn the files, destroy the evidence etc…'
  8. 'From a military perspective, both cities burned to cinders needlessly.'
  9. 'So far, four homes on the city's outskirts have burned.'
  10. 'Larkin had his diaries destroyed, Hardy burnt all his personal papers, then got his second wife to put her name to the biography he had actually written himself.'
  11. 'Africa could safely burn to the ground and beneath before they would go back there again.'
  12. no object 'the toast's burning'
  13. 'If the person is holding the stone or has the stone in his possession then he cannot be burned by fire, cut by a knife or killed with a gun.'
  14. 'Not without reason, Americans worried that they could be poisoned by illuminating gas or burned by electrical fires.'
  15. 'I told him about the time that Mother almost burned herself with lye from the soap we were making.'
  16. 'Do you know how many people have burned themselves on a coffee pot back here?'
  17. 'She cut and burned herself and tried to cut off her thumb.'
  18. 'The day before she burned herself with the curling iron, a woman who had promised to take Kisha to a museum in another city abruptly canceled the trip.'
  19. 'I burned myself preparing a rather sorry looking casserole the other day.'
  20. 'Sherman marched from the Mississippi to the Atlantic, burning and pillaging every city in his path, leaving only destruction in his wake.'
  21. 'How many people burned themselves at home from coffee in that same period?'
  22. 'She had burned herself while cooking breakfast, so she was trying to be extremely careful tonight.'
  23. 'She wished wistfully for a warm summer on a Californian beach where her skin burned as easily as toast and time seemed to stand still.'
  24. 'If he stayed out too late today his skin would burn, and he would be branded with red for several days before his skin turned to a darker golden color.'
  25. 'But take care - sensitive skin may burn after only a few minutes.'
  26. 'Still, I am at the beach and my skin is burning, so I step into the chilly water, inch by inch.'
  27. 'Hubby starts with F10 and goes down to F6 as he has skin that doesn't burn easily.'
  28. 'She could feel her skin burning under the hot Savannah sun and although she detested the snow, she despised the sun just as much.'
  29. 'Too soon, however, he was out of breath, lungs and muscles burning from exertion.'
  30. 'My hips were sore and my thighs burned from the repeated kicking.'
  31. 'My stomach was on fire, my head throbbed, my muscles ached, my throat burned.'
  32. 'His temples burned and his sores itched, like a thousand worms underneath his skin, crawling and burrowing deeper, ever deeper inside him.'
  33. 'You can relieve dry mouth, which may cause your mouth to burn or feel sore, by drinking plenty of water.'
  34. 'My throat burned and I could hear myself wheezing, my asthma slowly starting to act up.'
  35. 'Halfway up the block my eyes and throat were burning.'
  36. 'Her skin burned and her heartbeat sped up uncomfortably.'
  37. 'My eyes and throat begin to burn as I scramble beneath my cot, feeling for my gas mask with shaking hands.'
  38. 'Each inch of exposed skin burned hot from the cutting, sharp wind, chafing cheeks brutally until they were turned bright, candy cane red.'
Be entirely possessed by (a desire or an emotion)
  1. 'The shop was on his way to work, and as he walked the same route every day, by the second day that he noticed the vest in the window, he was burning with desire.'
  2. 'These operas were created between 1966 and 1976, each one full of workers, soldiers and slaves who were burning with revolutionary zeal.'
  3. 'I was burning with jealousy.'
  4. 'Talking face to face, it was clear that Peter Brett was burning with internal rage about these proceedings, and about Beamish's fate.'
  5. 'Had he been burning with political ambition, he could have easily landed a high-level spot in his father's administration.'
  6. 'After all, they had lost loved ones to the enemy, and their hearts were burning with revenge and anger.'
  7. 'They were burning with determination and blood lust for the man who dared take Christine away.'
  8. 'I'd never seen anyone walk or talk like her, and my mind was burning with curiosity.'
  9. '‘The truth is the whole army is burning with an insatiable desire to wreak vengeance on South Carolina,’ he had written on Christmas Eve, 1864.'
Drive very fast.
  1. 'They were going into Andover for the day, so they quickly burned past us.'
  2. 'We burned up the highways and dirt roads all over Erath County.'
Produce (a CD or DVD) by copying from an original or master copy.
  1. 'You can purchase and download hardware and software MPEG Encoders to burn a DVD.'
  2. 'Many enthusiasts have jumped ship to DVD burners, which along with burning DVDs, they can also burn CDs as well.'
  3. 'C-Cube, Henry adds, has been in the digital business since the first DVDs were burned.'
  4. 'For instance, one of the cores could focus on burning a DVD while the other recalculated a spreadsheet or performed a database search.'
  5. 'At $45 USD, the price is definitely right as it has the ability to burn CDs and read DVDs as well.'
  6. 'So, as before, you should stick with a maximum 4x write speed if you are burning a DVD for archiving purposes.'
  7. 'It also comes with a full version of Roxio's Easy CD Creator 6 for burning both DVDs and music CDs.'
  8. 'This free software will let you burn audio CDs for use with your normal CD players in the house or car.'
  9. 'An old beau sent me the most terrific CD he burned of old music he knew I'd like.'
  10. 'Add a little dose of file sharing and bittorrent and kids burning customised DVDs of the juiciest content and hey presto.'

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1. to undergo rapid combustion or consume fuel in such a way as to give off heat, gases, and, usually, light; be on fire: The fire burned in the grate.

2. (of a fireplace, furnace, etc.) to contain a fire.

3. to feel heat or a physiologically similar sensation; feel pain from or as if from a fire: The wound burned and throbbed.

4. to give off light or to glow brightly: The lights in the house burned all night.

5. to give off hea

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