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(of a person) large and strong; heavily built.
  1. 'a big, burly man'
  2. 'So I bombed out of the office, jumped into a cab and whizzed home, to find two burly men in overalls on the doorstep.'
  3. 'A large burly man was carrying a large rifle, his sword hanging by his waist, motioning to his men.'
  4. 'Just eyeball some of those burly boys who stand menacingly in the doorways and you'll get my drift.'
  5. 'If a burly gentleman doesn't challenge you to fisticuffs, the table is ready.'
  6. 'The burly men with biceps will be competing in the grand final in a series of face-to-face bouts.'
  7. 'I saw one burly man whipping his horse with one of these and received a mouthful of abuse when I pleaded with him to stop.'
  8. 'In the next-door compound, a burly man was whacking a skinny boy with a thick stick.'
  9. 'Blanche looked at him, a big burly man with an abdomen that was bulging over his belt which seemed much too tight for him.'
  10. 'He is a tall, burly man in his early 40s, with cropped hair, a friendly grin and a firm handshake.'
  11. 'Julian was watching a burly man with beard and sunburn make his way across the lobby.'


1. large in bodily size; stout; sturdy.

2. bluff; brusque.

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"people can be burly in/at/on months."

"people can be burly with curiouslies."

"people can be burly on returns."

"people can be burly."

"leaders can be burly."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘dignified, imposing’): probably from an unrecorded Old English word meaning ‘stately, fit for the bower’ (see bower, -ly).