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(of a batter) gently tap (a pitched ball) without swinging in an attempt to make it more difficult to field.
  1. no object 'Phil bunted and got to first'
  2. 'Lima bunted the ball, which hit directly in front of the plate and appeared to bounce up and hit not only his bat but also his leg.'
  3. 'Joe bunted the ball over the net and it was headed straight for Abby.'
  4. 'Brown suffered a fractured pinkie finger on his throwing hand when he was trying to bunt a pitch from RHP Pat Mahomes.'
  5. 'Although he showed by laying down some bunts he knows what he can do with his speed, he hasn't mastered the tactic and bunts the ball foul or into outs.'
  6. 'Ken Macha had Swisher attempt to bunt once, then allowed him to swing away in hopes of pulling the ball and moving the runner over to third.'
  7. 'Speedier players can also try to bunt the ball and run out the throw to a base, giving basemen hard tags to ensure that they'll be safe when they reach the bag.'
  8. 'With a runner on first the batter bunts the ball in front of the plate.'
  9. 'Manager Ozzie Guillen wants to use Harris like the Marlins use Juan Pierre, taking advantage of his speed by bunting and keeping the ball down.'
  10. 'Against the Dodgers last week, with 2B Delino DeShields on second, Patterson bunted the ball past the third baseman and ended up on second with an infield double and an RBI.'
  11. 'Then Christian Jorgensen bunted, the ball landed virtually at his feet but a wild throw to first base allowed him in.'
  12. 'During batting practice, Carroll works on his strengths - such as hitting the ball the other way with a runner on second base and bunting a runner over to second base.'
  13. 'Chuck Knoblauch bunted the two over and Jeter hit a sacrifice fly to center for the first run of the game.'
  14. 'He drew his walk on a full count to start the fifth inning and Fairly bunted him to second.'
  15. 'Reggie Smith was on first, and Alston wanted me to bunt him over.'
  16. 'U.S. coach Mike Candrea sent Amada Freed to second, and Stacey Nuveman bunted her to third on the first pitch from Juri Takayama.'
  17. 'Not only is CF Alex Sanchez bunting his way on base at a record pace, he's also bunting runners home.'
  18. 'Miguel Cairo singled to open the inning, Jeter bunted him over, and after A-Rod lined out, Gary Sheffield went to 3-before being intentionally walked.'
  19. 'Orlando Palmeiro led off the inning with a single, Adam Everett bunted him to second and Ausmus doubled to right-center to drive in the winning run in a 3-2 defeat of the Mets.'
  20. 'Reed started it with a sweet bunt hit toward first, Scott Spiezio and Dan Wilson singled for one run and Ramon Santiago bunted the runners over, and with first base open Scioscia ordered Ichiro walked intentionally.'
Push or butt.
  1. 'The thunder belonged to a herd of baby elephants who began to bunt the walls.'
  2. 'She bunted her calf, Molly, up on top of the gate with her horns.'


An act or result of bunting a pitched ball.
  1. 'But he drove in the tying run with a sharp single down the rightfield line, advanced to second when Raul Mondesi misplayed the ball, and took third on a sac bunt.'
  2. 'When I come up for my first at-bat, I'll lay down a bunt so I can try to get a single.'
  3. 'Still, Lewis got the bat on the ball and the bunt proved to be the game-winner.'
  4. 'He checks the foul lines to see which way bunts will roll, then it's out to center to fire balls off the wall to see how they will carom.'
  5. 'He comes in for bunts and barehands the ball well, and he shows good range to both his left and right.'
  6. 'The Padres score the game's first run in the third inning on a handful of singles and a bunt.'
  7. 'Vernon, an excellent hitter who had won the 1946 batting title with a.353 mark, rapped two singles in four at-bats against Joe Coleman, including a bunt.'
  8. 'Johnson is a well-rounded batter, able to spray line drives to all fields and drop down bunts.'
  9. 'Angels first baseman Mike Epstein ruined North's plan by reaching the bunt before Lange.'
  10. 'Alou has the arm for centerfield, and his bat can deliver whatever the play calls for - from a home run to a bunt.'
An act of flying an aircraft in part of an outside loop.
  1. 'In those days, fighter planes did not have ejection seats and pilots had to use alternative methods, such as the 'bunt', to get out of the plane.'
  2. 'In that case most of the time it would need to be flown in a bunt.'


A disease of wheat caused by a smut fungus, the spores of which give off a smell of rotten fish.
  1. 'Table I is a partial list of seed treatment fungicides that will not only protect against seedling blight but also prevent infection by the common bunt and loose smut fungi.'
  2. 'Plant well-cleaned, disease-free seed, treated with a fungicide that controls Fusarium seedling blight, bunt, and loose smut.'
  3. 'It is also good insurance against common bunt and loose smut.'
  4. 'The primary purpose of treating wheat seed is to protect it from the smut diseases with common bunt being the target disease this season.'
  5. 'Select good quality, cleaned and treated seed and plant at the proper time to lessen the risk of crown and root rot, wheat streak mosaic, soil-borne mosaic, common bunt and loose smut.'

More definitions

1. (of a goat or calf) to push with the horns or head; butt.

2. Baseball. to bat (a pitched ball) very gently so that it rolls into the infield close to home plate, usually by holding the bat loosely in hands spread apart and allowing the ball to bounce off it. verb (used without object)

3. to push (something) with the horns or head.

4. Baseball. to bunt a ball. noun

5. a push with the head or horns; butt.

6. Baseball. the act of bunting. a bunted ball.|-

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"fungi can be bunt."

"diseases can be bunt."

"areas can be bunt."

"summers can be bunt."

"spores can be bunt."

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(bunt)Early 17th century (denoting the puffball fungus): of unknown origin.