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An embankment or causeway.
  1. 'Previously, the developers had planned to deposit the peat in bunds on the hillside site - a proposal which caused concern that it would not be stable.'
  2. 'Later, we will fence the lake area, develop the bund, make jogging tracks, construct an auditorium, and provide boating facility, but of course, all this will be done in stages.'
  3. 'Solutions suggested for the sports field include redirecting a drain under Mill Yard to Mill Race and putting a bund around the field.'
  4. 'The VIP convoy halted at some distance away from the lake bund where the residents had gathered.'
  5. 'The couple are accused of failure to remove the waste from the land in breach of an enforcement notice, and failure to remove unauthorised engineering works, namely bunds, from the land in breach of an enforcement notice.'
  6. 'Concrete bunds turn the water sterile and leave no room for natural, vegetated spawning banks.'
  7. 'Thirty-one detailed points of concern have been raised by the Bord in respect to peat excavation and its containment in repository bunds.'
  8. 'A pipe from the tank led to a drum which was outside the spillage bund round the tank.'
  9. 'To prevent the water from the Busrah River from flooding the many establishments of the base, a huge bund or dam has been built south and southeast of the town.'
  10. 'I too am distressed at the construction of a bund to prevent the long-standing annual visits by Romany families to an Ilkley riverside location.'


An association, especially a political one.
  1. 'A bund is a union, group or gathering.'
  2. 'On pages 110 and 111, Carlson highlights a Bund meeting at which those in attendance viewed newsreel footage of Nazi conquests.'
  3. 'An association of German immigrants to America, the Bund had a definite pro-Nazi slant.'
  4. 'Active in politics and labor activities, they sponsored bunds, theaters, newspapers, and discussions clubs.'

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1. an embankment or an embanked quay, often providing a promenade.

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German Bund, related to band and bind.