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A light blow or a jolting collision.
  1. 'During the past eight weeks I have seen two minor bumps and one almost head-on collision.'
  2. 'Now she was just getting angry over it all, she felt a bump or some impact as she fell down still crying and not even noticing the change of position or the pain in her lower back.'
  3. 'Its advanced collision detection ensures that any bumps will probably not kill or severely cripple you.'
  4. 'The drive is working well, travels well and absorbs its share of bumps and bangs during daily transit.'
  5. 'A tripod that is too light may be too susceptible to wind and slight bumps.'
  6. 'Creakings and the rumbling of wheels could be heard and occasional bumps jolted me.'
  7. '‘It could have been something as simple as a bump; you know, somebody bumped into someone’.'
  8. 'The amniotic fluid and membrane cushion the fetus against bumps and jolts to the mother's body.'
  9. 'He didn't see the scorched metal walls or feel the thuds and bumps as they drove over drift after drift.'
  10. 'It's also fully lined with high quality foam to protect your premium ammo from bumps and bangs.'
  11. 'the children were given the bumps'
  12. 'Singer Athesia will be given the bumps with the help of DJs Uzi, Emanuelle, Scott C and Chevy Van on the Road and a plethora of visual artists and performers.'
  13. 'On gaining a bump, crews move out of the way and cease racing.'
  14. 'The crew got back on top of Corpus at the Railway Bridge to gain a hard fought bump.'
  15. 'As soon as they passed over the ridge they experienced a considerable air bump throwing the aircraft suddenly upwards on the windward side.'
A protuberance on a level surface.
  1. 'As Ellis drives over bumps, she notices, the noise in the car is loud.'
  2. 'Take it from me, when you are being driven over bumps at high speed, the scenery is a blur.'
  3. 'Jane didn't remember falling asleep but she must have because she was jerked instantly awake when Ty drove over a large bump.'
  4. 'If you hit a major bump, you get bangs from the front suspension reminiscent of the previous model, which was certainly less than perfect dynamically.'
  5. 'Then, about 30 minutes later, I hit a bump and heard a loud clatter that sounded suspiciously like a cell phone hitting the ground.'
  6. 'The problem is that they do this by forcing the drivers to almost come to a stop before each bump.'
  7. 'Killy's technique of avalement - literally, swallowing the bumps by thrusting knees outward - was revolutionary for its day.'
  8. 'Confused, she crawled over to the spot and felt on the ground for a bump, a rock, anything.'
  9. 'That said, the sporty T5 version can thump and bang over bad bumps, the downside of its quicker, meatier responses and extra grip.'
  10. 'They claim the bumps impede the movement of emergency vehicles and buses, disturb neighbours and damage cars.'
  11. 'her mosquito bites had come up in huge red bumps'
  12. 'If you look at the bumps closely, you might see white scales or flakes on them.'
  13. 'Well that's a nasty bump, but nothing serious.'
  14. 'Any lump, be it a mild swelling, a bump, a nodule, or whatever you choose to call it, and wherever you find it, visit your doctor and get it looked at.'
  15. 'Mine was small, light, and I only had writer's bumps from holding paintbrushes.'
  16. 'She's going to have a nasty bump on her head when she wakes up, and one hell of a headache.'
  17. 'A common skin symptom of a food allergy is hives, or raised red itchy bumps on the skin.'
  18. 'You have moderate acne if you have swelling, red bumps, or pustules, along with the whiteheads and blackheads.'
  19. 'I got a huge purple bump on my forehead… and he didn't even ask me out.'
  20. 'Goose flesh formed on her arms, and Bo began to rub her arms after she noticed the little bumps.'
  21. 'Sciama remembered clearly, as do his colleagues, that on some days Hawking would turn up at the office with a bandage around his head, having fallen heavily and received a nasty bump.'
  22. 'A bump on the skull directly above one of these sections indicates that the particular faculty, called an organ, is more than normally developed.'
An increase.
  1. 'And by comparing the two emission bumps, scientists can begin to learn even more.'
  2. 'Will it help pave the way for a pullout of troops or a bump up in the polls?'
  3. 'Obama checked in at 22 percent, a 4-point bump from the earlier poll.'
  4. 'This helped bump it up two spots to the ninth largest in 2003 from the No.11 spot in 2002.'
  5. 'I have every reason to believe it'll be a good change for me - a good bump in pay, a stronger human resources infrastructure, etc.'
  6. 'I think all the polls in the last week since the announcement have shown a slight bump for the ticket, somewhere between three and four points.'
(in an online forum) an act of posting on an inactive thread in order to move it to the top of the list of active threads.
    A loosely woven fleeced cotton fabric used in upholstery and as lining material.
    1. 'Looking ahead, Valentini says she's exploring other uses for her Bump fabric, possibly as an industrial upholstery or wall covering.'


    Knock or run into someone or something with a jolt.
    1. with object 'she bumped the girl with her hip'
    2. '‘Hey there,’ he said, bumping against her arm with his.'
    3. 'You should take it easy for the first few days and take special care not to bump or knock the operation site.'
    4. 'Knocking down the fire-irons, tumbling over the chairs, bumping against the piano, smothering himself among the curtains, wherever she went, there went he.'
    5. 'The rubber tyres of the wheelchair bumped and banged against the curb as he tried to manoeuvre back onto the pavement.'
    6. 'The day was almost over they were going out of the water ride when a girl walked out and bumped against Tom.'
    7. 'Michelle bumped right into the stranger, literally knocking the breath out of her.'
    8. 'The ship heaved a little, bumped gently against the stone wall, the impact absorbed by the bundles of branches, then settled contentedly into her berth.'
    9. 'He swayed, bumping against the altar and pitching over it.'
    10. 'To get bumped or struck by a big fish like this was pretty incredible.'
    11. 'Her smoke curled toward the light over the table where a moth was bumping against the bulb.'
    12. 'By chance he bumped into her again that night at another pub and worked up the courage to speak with her.'
    13. 'At the end of the day, when she actually bumps into him, she is left with a feeling, whether it is still a daydream or sure reality.'
    14. 'But, within minutes, he bumps into a local retired poetry teacher.'
    15. 'It was great fun and a chance to bump into a few names and faces from the past.'
    16. 'The film, which features local acting talent, was shot in Temple Hill in 2003, and is about a poor single mum who bumps into an old flame.'
    17. 'The two of them bumped into each other completely by chance, which sparked the talks for the documentary film.'
    18. 'He comes to a reception with his wife, but leaves with another woman - an old friend who bumps into him at the party.'
    19. 'By chance I happened to bump into the two gentlemen in one of our local establishments.'
    20. 'Because of my disfigured body I chose to swim when there was no chance of bumping into anyone I knew.'
    21. 'I had tried to bump into Roland whenever I got the chance and he had done the same.'
    22. 'she bumped her head on the sink'
    23. 'It provided extra padding, so that when I bumped the finger, it didn't hurt so much.'
    24. 'It was thought the boy's knee was injured and he then fell forward and bumped his head and chest.'
    25. 'If you hadn't been there in time to catch Maddie, she might have bumped her head and done even more serious damage to herself.'
    26. 'There is an element out there that revels in it anytime some police officer bumps his head.'
    27. 'I got a nice bump on my foot, and after about a year, it no longer hurt like hell to bump that part of my foot on something.'
    28. 'The cars jerked and yawed so much that we were constantly bumping our heads or smashing our elbows.'
    29. 'She hissed quietly as Jessica accidentally bumped her ribcage with her elbow.'
    30. 'One couch was very close to a bookshelf, and Barbara explained to me that bumping your head on this bookshelf was a rite of passage for members of the English Department.'
    31. 'What if he bumps his knee and decides to take a little rest without letting you know?'
    32. 'Lee and Luke had promised their mother they would not leave their sisters, but a weeping Sarah bumped her head during their game and set off alone for home with Lee - mindful of his promise - trying to catch up.'
    33. 'She bumps her head and looks at me before she starts to cry.'
    34. 'The object is to catch up to and physically bump the boat in front - or overtake them - before being caught and bumped by the boat behind you.'
    Move or travel with much jolting.
    1. 'He poured clumsily, spilling a good amount of claret as the carriage bumped along.'
    2. 'Within minutes, we had turned off the main road, bumped along a narrow city street, and come to a stop outside a house.'
    3. 'As the car bumped along on our way back to my house, I couldn't suppress a smile.'
    4. 'They bumped along, going at least eighty on the dark highway.'
    5. 'I more or less slept through flight, wakened only occasionally by those Twilight Zone gremlins on the wings that make planes bump and jolt.'
    6. 'The suspension bumps and thumps loudly and sometimes uncomfortably.'
    7. 'The carriage bumped and jolted on the rough track from the castle.'
    8. 'When the ambulance finally came, they put her on a stretcher and drove her to the hospital, with us sitting beside her as the car bumped along.'
    9. 'As the ambulance bumped gently along the jolts in the road on its journey to the hospital Kim tried to keep her eyes closed tight and think of nothing like she was meditating.'
    10. 'If not for the TV, I was sure I would have been able to hear the box jerk and bump across the attic floor at night.'
    11. 'she had to bump the pushchair down the steps'
    12. 'Lily would back her husband's wheelchair to the steps and then would bump the wheelchair down very steep and narrow ceramic steps to the floor.'
    Refuse (a passenger) a reserved place on a flight because of deliberate overbooking by the airline.
    1. 'That is sound practice, and this bill makes an airline liable for those delays when it has been a deliberate case of the airline either cancelling a flight or bumping passengers off it.'
    2. 'So when we meet Carl Weathers, he's on his way to get bumped from a flight so he can get a free airline ticket.'
    3. 'The odds of being bumped from a flight are just 1 in 11,628.'
    4. 'The fine art of airline bumping: Volunteering to be bumped off on an oversold flight isn't quite the bonanza that it used to be.'
    5. 'Airline passengers who are bumped off flights or suffer serious delays will receive automatic compensation under rules agreed by the EU yesterday.'
    6. 'The rate of getting bumped is down to one in 600 this year from one in 450 last year, and the odds are slightly higher with Delta and Southwest.'
    7. 'MEPs want to place a new requirement on airlines to provide significant sums of cash, as well as catering and accommodation, for passengers who are bumped off flights or have them cancelled altogether.'
    8. 'Passengers who are bumped off a flight because it is full, or prevented from boarding because it is cancelled without notice, are therefore entitled to compensation depending on the length of the flight.'
    9. 'she was bumped for a youthful model'
    10. 'Aging receivers bumped were Jacksonville's Jimmy Smith, Denver's Rod Smith and Oakland's Tim Brown.'
    11. 'Unfortunately, Korea was bumped off the list of countries that Soldiers could receive the bonus, though Soldiers there are still eligible for a Military Occupational Skill-based bonus, he added.'
    12. 'Celtic's bid for European glory bumped Sharon Small off the schedules, and when her cop drama returned to the box she finished the run having to eat lead.'
    13. 'Arizona and British Columbia, Canada both earned A grades in the 2003 version of IMBA's Report Card, bumping Colorado off the top spot for mountain bike advocacy, trails and riding.'
    14. 'When his studio slot was unexpectedly bumped, Bellows started tackling pre-production duties here with guitar god/sound vet Stew Kirkwood.'
    15. 'Getting bumped is no reflection on MarineMax, which is one of the best-performing public companies in the Tampa Bay area.'
    16. 'I believe they're still the best selling - when last I checked Harry Potter still hadn't quite bumped them out of that spot.'
    17. 'Gore's senior aides were so frustrated that they actually bumped the keynote address out of its prime-time slot.'
    (in an online forum) post on (an inactive thread) in order to move it to the top of the list of active threads.

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      1. to come more or less violently in contact with; collide with; strike: His car bumped a truck.

      2. to cause to strike or collide: He bumped the car against a tree.

      3. to dislodge or displace by the force of collision.

      4. to dislodge by appropriating the privileges of: The airline bumped me from the flight.

      5. to demote or dismiss: He was bumped from his job.

      6. to force upward; raise: Demand from abroad bumped the price of corn.

      7. to move to a new

      More examples(as adjective)

      "futures can be bump."


      Mid 16th century (as a verb): imitative, perhaps of Scandinavian origin.


      bump someone off
      bump something up