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An uncastrated male bovine animal.
  1. 'A bull calf is typically worth about $100, but a heifer of the same age and breed is usually worth at least three times more.'
  2. 'It included 300 horses, 2,000 cattle, 12,000 sheep, 12 bulls and 90 brood mares.'
  3. 'The wild aurochs that roamed the old Eurasian continent was midway in size between a modern bull and an elephant, too big, strong and fierce to tame.'
  4. 'We sometimes keep the bull calves and fatten them as young bulls.'
  5. 'Presumably, Hanotte said, trade also brought zebu bulls that farmers interbred with domesticated taurine cows, producing the mixed herds of today.'
  6. 'Bulls occasionally fight bulls, but never the milk cow.'
  7. 'The Apis bull, a sacred animal to the Egyptians, came to be known as the incarnation of Osiris, god of embalming and cemeteries.'
  8. 'Dog and I went walking again and went by various farm animals - bulls and cows, pigs, sheep and horses.'
  9. 'Dairy bull calves reared for beef through a pioneering fattening scheme are achieving gross margin returns of £199 a head for Pembrokeshire farmers.'
  10. 'In a few cases, one in ten or twelve, a heifer born as twin to a bull calf will be normally fertile, but these odds are such that stockbreeders discourage breeding for the trait of mixed-sex twins.'
  11. 'One shark in particular had a huge semi-circular scar above its gills, possible inflicted by a bull or tiger shark.'
  12. 'Adult male elephants are generally solitary or associate with other bulls in loose associations while females live in families.'
  13. 'Flanked by dunes and beaches, Ano Nuevo Point is the winter home for thousands of northern elephant seals, with bulls staging dramatic fights for breeding rights.'
  14. 'As the saying goes, when elephant bulls fight, it is the grass that suffers.'
  15. 'A big bull elephant seal had been lying there sleeping when another cruised up like a submarine, inflating its huge proboscis and blowing bad breath in a deep growl.'
  16. 'Soon after arriving he had Phang Lamphoon mate with Phrai Num Sek, a bull elephant he described as a magnificent animal with a fine, strong and healthy form.'
  17. 'While elephants are indisputably social animals the social lives of males and females - bulls and cows - may be contrasted.'
  18. 'Although bull elephants spend a lot of time alone, they regularly meet up and renew their friendships, one of their favourite meeting places being around water holes.'
  19. 'Ramona's father was a wild bull elephant whose name and whereabouts are unknown.'
A bullseye.
  1. 'Many players enjoy the satisfying thud of a third dart in the centre bull for its flashiness alone.'
  2. 'If two darts hit the bullseye or outer bull, you win 2000 times your jackpot bet.'
A person who buys shares hoping to sell them at a higher price later.
  1. 'And if anyone was tempted to wager against bond prices, the emboldened bulls were tickled at the opportunity to take their money.'
  2. 'Stock market bulls argue that, with dividends expected to grow in the long term, this makes shares good value.'
  3. 'In retrospect, the objective was good, but the timing was not good as we were in a year-long bear market rally where the bulls made money and the bears did not.'
  4. 'A downward breakout from a trading range will cause pain to bulls who bought and will make them eager to sell during the first market rally so that they can get out even.'
  5. 'As the markets nervously await tomorrow's opening, the bulls fear the bears have seized control and will force equity markets into a further decline.'
  6. 'However these stock market bulls also know that shares do not go up in a straight line and that unexpected events can have a profound effect on their company's share performance.'
  7. 'The stock market began the year catching everyone - bulls and bears - off-balance.'
  8. 'In this situation, bulls are losing their grip on the market, prices are rising only as a result of inertia, and the bears are ready to take control again.'
  9. 'With no sign of any new exchanges on the horizon, OFEX should easily prosper when market bulls reappear.'
  10. 'We do not share the hopes or convictions of the bulls.'


Push or move powerfully or violently.
  1. 'With a 550 cc engine, it has enough power to bull its way through deep snow and heft a grooming attachment up a steep hill.'
  2. 'A lead point was magnificently secured by Dwayne Kavanagh five minutes from the end after he bulled through and shot from 50 yards.'
  3. 'All this added up to the unbelievable: Wake won the regular season title in the nation's best conference and bulled its way into the AP top 10.'
  4. 'Keep in mind, he was at the helm of the Broad Street Bullies who bulled and bullied their way to Stanley Cup wins in 1974 and '75.'
  5. 'There was more than one instance where I bulled through only because I believe in completing a game before writing a review for it.'
  6. 'At the same time, he bludgeoned prison literacy and vocational programs, and bulled ahead with his plan to build a new prison at Delano.'
  7. 'Mara was there in a flash, bulling courtiers and servants alike out of the way.'
  8. 'After bulling my way through the crowd, I finally found Noelle, but she wasn't ready to leave.'
  9. 'When Rangers bulled onto the field like there was a fire in the dressing room nobody made a sound.'
  10. 'Any attempt to bull your way through an avenue of approach or into an objective area in tank fashion, will result in failure and possible loss of the vehicle and its personnel.'
(of a cow) behave in a manner characteristic of being on heat.
  1. 'Herd health: cows should be bulling well, have healthy shining coats and be good on their feet.'
  2. 'The older weanlings are ideal for bulling in late spring when they are about 18 months old.'


Stupid or untrue talk or writing; nonsense.
  1. 'All that bull about it being the taking part that counts… nonsense.'
  2. 'But now we know that was all bull, and so I now believe I was wrong.'
  3. 'Stuck in a rut of family movies Gooding is cast against recent type as sharp New York advertising executive, Darrin Hill, who stretches the salesman's bull into his own life story.'
  4. 'Trust me, these ‘get rich quick’ ads are pure bull, guff and hogwash!'
  5. 'He went there, had a little bit of a photo-op, made a little bit of a quip that he thought that he had seen a lot of bull in Washington, but he certainly was seeing a lot more there.'
  6. '‘He sure is a whole lot of bull though,’ one of them remarked as Beva stood in the middle of the ballroom of the plush Marriott Hotel.'
  7. 'On a much smaller scale, the writer of the opinion column in my local paper talks bull every week, completely contradicting the factual articles sharing the page, which infuriates me.'
  8. 'It'll get lost in all that paper and bull that gets shovelled around when lawyers and officials get hold of you.'
  9. 'And Carlos and Gerald, among other supposedly intelligent men, are buying that bull.'
  10. 'Often, we'd sit there and get drunk, dance badly to the student disco and talk a load of bull about football to each other and any other person pretending they were students who happened to be drinking there at the time.'

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1. the male of a bovine animal, especially of the genus Bos, with sexual organs intact and capable of reproduction.

2. the male of certain other animals, as the elephant and moose.

3. a large, solidly built person.

4. a person who believes that market prices, especially of stocks, will increase (opposed to bear).

5. (initial capital letter) Astronomy, Astrology. the constellation or sign of Taurus.

6. a bulldog.

7. Slang. a police officer. adjective

8. male. 9. of, relating to

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"runs can be bull."

"markets can be bull."

"spreadings can be bull."

"trends can be bull."

"carcasses can be bull."

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(bull)Early 17th century: of unknown origin.


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